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Third Annual Workshop for Chinese Law Students Hosted by ELLM Program in August 2013

From August 1 to August 7, 2013,  the ELLM program was honored to host a delegation of law students and lawyers from China for a Workshop on American Business Law. Organized on behalf of the US-China Legal Exchange Foundation (UCLEF), this marked the third occasion since 2011 that the ELLM program offered this special program, and was the sixth such workshop that we have offered to institutional partners since that time.

The universities represented included the China University of Political Science and Law (CUPL), the University of International Business and Economics (UIBE), Shenzhen University School of Law, and Southwest University of Political Science and Law. Participants attended four days of lectures covering topics that included Introduction to Intellectual Property, Contracts, Corporate Reorganizations and Bankruptcy, Banking Regulation, Securities Regulation, Trade, and Introduction to Alternative Dispute Resolution. Several members of the full-time teaching faculty of BU Law participated, including the "singing professor", Mark Pettit, who lectured on the law of Contracts. Other instructors included Professors Stacey Dogan and David Webber, Professor Emeritus Daniel Partan, Associate Director Martin Lacdao of the Banking and Financial Law LL.M. program, and myself. As in previous years, Zachary H. Smith, partner at O'Melveny & Myers in New York City, flew to Boston to share his expertise on bankruptcy law. On the last day of the Workshop, the ELLM program arranged for a visit to the U.S. District Court and were hosted for lunch and a panel discussion at Bowditch & Dewey LLP. The capstone of the Workshop was an enjoyable farewell dinner.

We are always pleased to hear from prospective partners interested in having us organize special programs during the summer, so feel free to contact us if your institution is interested in exploring such a collaboration. We are able to create a wide range of customized programming, ranging from foundational U.S. law lectures to specialized areas such as business law and bankruptcy, tailored to the interests of your group, and can accommodate groups ranging in size from 10 to 50. If your undergraduate or graduate institution, government agency, foundation or corporation would like to obtain more information on this, please contact us at execllm@bu.edu.

Visiting Chinese law students at Boston University

Visiting Chinese Law Students at Boston University, August 2013


Executive Program Hosts Thai Judges for Judicial Workshop on U.S. Bankruptcy Law

Visiting Judges from Thailand with Dean O'Rourke
Visiting Judges from Thailand with Dean O'Rourke
Thai Speakers
Scott J. Greenberg, Zachary H. Smith, and Joseph V. Zujkowski speak to visiting judges
Prof. Fred Tung
Prof. Fred Tung lectures

From May 4-6th, 2011, the Executive Program was honored to host a visiting delegation of 36 judges from Thailand for a Judicial

Workshop on U.S. Bankruptcy Law. The judges included many senior members of the Thai judiciary, including the President of the Bankruptcy Division of the Supreme Court, several Presiding Justices of the Supreme Court, and the Chief Justice of the Central Bankruptcy Court. The Executive Program of BU Law organized a comprehensive three-day workshop, including two days of lectures devoted to the fundamentals of corporate and personal bankruptcy, given by Scott Greenberg, BU CAS ’99, Zachary Smith, BU LAW ’03, and Joseph

Zujkowski, BU Law ’07, of Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft LLP in NYC and Professor Fred Tung of BU Law. In addition, the delegation was hosted at the U.S. Bankruptcy Court, where participants included the Hon. Frank Bailey, Chief Justice, and the U.S. Trustee for Region 1, William Harrington. They also attended a panel discussion hosted at WilmerHale by John Sigel (Chair of the firm’s Bankruptcy and Financial Restructuring Practice Group) and Mitchel Appelbaum, BU LAW ‘91 (Partner and co-Chair of the firm’s Debt Finance Practice Group).



Wally Miller
Prof. Wally Miller with Students
Ian C. Pilarczyk lectures on ADR
Ian C. Pilarczyk teaches Introduction to Alternative Dispute Resolution
Summer Law program
Group Photo of Workshop Students

BU Law Executive Program Welcomes 31 Visiting Chinese Law Students and Professors for Workshop on American Law

July 25-August 2, 2011 saw a delegation of Chinese law students and academics visit the School of Law, in partnership with the US-China Legal Exchange Foundation for 6 days of lectures devoted to American Law. Topics included: Introduction to American Law; Introduction to Case Law and Legal Reasoning; Introduction to U.S. Contract Law; Introduction to U.S. Constitutional Law; Introduction to U.S. Civil Procecure; Introduction to U.S. Corporate Law; Introduction to U.S. Property and IP Law; Introduction to U.S. Banking Structure and Financial Law; Introduction to U.S. Bankruptcy Law; Introduction to the U.S. Tax System; Introduction to Alternative Dispute Resolution; and a lecture on Graduate Legal Education in the U.S. The last day of the program included fieldtrips to Harvard Law School, the U.S. District Court (including a tour of the Coakley courthouse, a judicial hearing, and a discussion with Magistrate Judge Marianne B. Bowler), presentations at Edwards Angell Palmer & Dodge LLP on U.S. Securities Regulation Law and reverse mergers with Chinese companies, followed by a farewell dinner at BU Law and presentation of their Workshop certificates.



Chungnam National University Visits BU Law for an American Law Workshop

Prof. Wally Miller and Prof Y. John Kong (LAW ’92)) with Chungnam National Unversity's law students

Nine students and two faculty members from Chungnam National University’s College of Law, one of Korea’s top law schools, participated in the first special program run by BU Law in 2012. Over three days, the group attended mini-courses on Contracts (taught by Professor Wally Miller), Civil Procedure (by Professor David Webber), Corporations (by Professor Steve Marks) and American Law (by Ian C. Pilarczyk, LAW ‘95). The program concluded with a full-day fieldtrip to the U.S. District Court, where the group viewed both a civil and criminal case and engaged in lively question-and-answer sessions with two judges; followed by a panel discussion and presentation at the law firm of Edwards Wildman Palmer LLP. Hosted by Professor Y. John Kong (LAW ’92), Chungnam National University will be sending another group of law students to BU in the summer for a similar workshop.

Chungnam National University Visits BU Law

We once again had the pleasure of hosting a group this summer from Chungnam National University in South Korea, chaperoned by Professor Y. John Kong (BU LAW ’92), for a three-day Workshop on American Law. The students received lectures on Constitutional Law, IBT&A, Torts, and Introduction to Alternative Dispute Resolution. The third day of the fieldtrip was spent touring the U.S. District Court at the Moakley Courthouse, with lunch and a very informative discussion at Edwards Wildman LLP discussing discovery and litigation in U.S. courts.

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Fieldtrip to Edwards Wildman LLC, July 2012

ELLM Program Hosts 9 Day Workshop for Chinese Law Students

25 students and faculty from several Chinese law schools visited BU Law for a nine day Workshop on America Law. Run in partnership with the U.S.-China Legal Exchange Foundation located in Belle Mead, New Jersey. This ambitious program involved 14 half-day lectures and a fieldtrip day. We design these special programs to provide the students with an overview of foundational legal topics, but also to get a taste of what American law school classes and culture are like, including the use of the Socratic method. A number of full-time faculty participated in this program, as they do every year: this summer the roster included Jay Wexler (reprising his lecture on Constitutional Law); David Webber (Civil Procedure, as well as Securities Regulation); Mark Pettit (Contracts); Kevin Outterson (Corporations); Stacey Dogan (Property/Intellectual Property); and Jack Beermann (Administrative Law). John Balzano, a Senior Fellow at the China Center at Yale Law School and a visiting professor at BU in the fall, joined us from New Haven to lecture on Comparative U.S.-Chinese Food and Drug Law; while attorneys Scott J. Greenberg, Zachary H. Smith, and Joseph Zujkowski joined us from Cadwalader to lecture on Corporate Reorganization. Ian C. Pilarczyk, Director of the ELLM Program, provided lectures on Introduction to American Law and Introduction to Dispute Resolution. We also received able assistance from staff from the ELLM office (Kassie lectured on Graduate Legal Education in the U.S.) and Graduate and Foreign Programs (Elizabeth Cail on Case Law and Legal Reasoning, and Erin Checka on Criminal Procedure). The Workshop concluded with a tour and discussion at the Moakley Courthouse, and a panel discussion at the law firm of Edwards Wildman LLP.

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UCLEF Workshop at BU Law, July 2012