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Extended LL.M.: Three-Semester Enrollment

Prospective students with impressive qualifications and a strong interest in banking and financial services law, but who lack the requisite English language proficiencies to begin the LL.M. program with full-time law studies, are encouraged to apply to our three-semester Extended LL.M. program option.

The Extended LL.M. program option allows students to begin their BU Law LL.M. studies with a six-week summer Pre-LL.M. Legal English Program at Boston University's Center for English Language and Orientation Programs (CELOP). In the first semester, students then take up to three Banking and Financial Law classes in addition to their English classes at CELOP. In the second semester, students pursue law studies full-time. In the third and final semester, students complete all courses required for the degree.

For many students, the Extended LL.M. program is the perfect way to ease into the rigors of law school-an ideal option for anyone with a genuine interest in banking and financial services law whose English language skills may not allow him/her to derive maximum benefit from full-time law studies at the outset.

Please visit the LL.M. application instructions for information on how to apply directly to this program option. Student may also apply for a two-year program involving two semesters of English before enrolling in Banking and Financial Law courses.