Boston University School of Law

International Business Practice Concentration Requirements

To complete an International Business Practice concentration within the LL.M. in American Law Program, students need to complete at least four classes, distributed as follows:

One Required Class: Corporations (3 or 4 credits)

Group I: One of the following IBP-related classes:

Immigration Law (S)
Immigrants & the Law
International Business Agreements (S)
International Business Arbitration (S)
International Business Transactions
International Development and Project Finance (S)
International Law
International Securitites Transactions (BK)
International Estate Planning (TX)

Simulation: International Business Collaboration (S)
International Human Rights (S)
International Intellectual Property (S)
International Tax (S)
International Tax I (TX)
International Tax II (TX)
International Tax III (TX)
International Taxation I
Cross-Border Litigation
Int'l Law & the Int'l Economy (S)


Group II: At least two of the following background/related classes:

Any Group I Class (above)
Accounting for Financial Institutions (BK)
Banking Structure & Regulation (BK)
Bankruptcies and Workouts (TX)
Bankruptcy & Creditors' Rights
Bankruptcy (BK)
Bankruptcy Practice (S)
Bench to Bedside (GSM)
Intellectual Property
Introducton to Corporate Tax
Intro to Federal Income Tax
Introduction to Financial Restructuring (S)
Intro to Project Finance (BK)
Business Law: Secured Transactions
Central Banks (BK)
Compliance Programs (BK)
Consolidated Corps (TX)
Consumer Financial Services (BK)
Corporate Finance
Corporate Governance (S)
Corporate Reorganizations (TX)
Employment Discrimination/Employment Law
Employee Benefit Plans
Entertainment Law (S)
Environmental Justice Law
Environmental Law
Exec. Comp Advanced (TX)
Executive Compensation (TX)
Federal Income Tax I (TX)
Federal Income Tax II (TX)
Fiduciary Law

Life Cycle of a Business Venture (TX)
Mergers and Acquisitions
Mergers and Acquisitions (BK)
Microfinance and Development (BK)
Mutual Funds
Negotiated Mergers and Acquisitions (S)
Partnership Tax I (TX)
PartnershipTax II (TX)
Pensions and Profit Sharing (TX)
Pooled Funds (BK)
Privacy (S)
Private Equity and Venture Capital (S)
Regulatory Compliance
Securities Activities of Banks (BK)
Securities Regulation
Securities Regulation (BK)
Shareholder Activism (S)
Starting New Ventures (GSM)
Financial Reporting for Lawyers
Gov't Reg. of Financial Services
Hedge Funds (BK)
IP & The Internet (S)
Insurance Law
Environmental Justice Law (S)
Transnational Lending & Trade Financing (BK)
US Mutual Funds regulation (BK)
US Transfer Pricing (TX)
VAT and other Consumption Taxes (TX)
White Collar Crime
Transactional Contracts (for LL.M. students)

Any class offered through the Graduate Program in Banking and Financial Law or the Graduate Tax Program


Updated July 2014, Subject to Change
S = seminar
GSM = Graduate School of Management
TX = Tax
BK = Banking