LL.M. Programs

Internships - The American Law Internship Program

BU Law has established a program with the Academic Internship Council ("AIC") to provide short-term, post-graduation law-related internships in the U.S. for LL.M. in American Law students. Our program with AIC - called the American Law Internship Program - is designed to provide LL.M. graduates with short-term professional experiences (rather than permanent jobs) in the U.S. legal market. Placements will help students further their understanding of U.S. legal culture, gain practical exposure to U.S. legal practice, refine their professional development skills and expand their global networks.

Internship Details

  • Opportunities will be for paid or unpaid, full-time internships in law-related settings, including in-house legal departments and law firms.   Placements will generally begin in September and last a minimum of four months. Locations will be based on AIC's network in several major markets including New York, Boston, Washington, D.C. and California. 
  • Participating students will work with BU Law and AIC to determine placement opportunities that best match their career goals and are realistic opportunities to pursue in light of their English skills and experience.
  • Students will receive additional interview and resume development training to prepare for employer interviews.  During placements, they will take part in supplementary professional development programs to enhance their workplace skills and understanding of the legal marketplace.
  • Students will receive feedback on their internship performance through mid-term and final employer evaluations.

Eligibility and Participation

  • All students enrolled in the American Law Program are eligible.  BU Law will screen students for level of seriousness and overall internship and career plans before any student may participate.
  • Employers will interview students for specific internship opportunities, based on the employers' needs.
  • Employers will make all final decisions on whether to extend internship offers.
  • Internships will take place during Optional Practical Training periods, in conformity with F-1 visa rules.

Program Fee

The total program fee is USD $1320. There is a USD $100 nonrefundable fee which will reserve your space in the program and start the process of AIC researching potential internship opportunities. The remaining balance of $1220 is only payable after a student accepts an internship in writing.  The fee does not include any living or other expenses associated with internship placements. The overall program fee is commensurate with the extensive work AIC does on a student's behalf to often create an internship where none previously exists.

About AIC

AIC is a not-for-profit educational organization that designs and implements customized internship programs. It is the North American successor to European Study Abroad ("EUSA"), the European internship organization with which Boston University has had a relationship for over 25 years.


February/March AIC comes to campus to do an in-depth presentation on participating in program.
Mid April Deadline for students to sign up if interested in participating in the Fall Program after LL.M. graduation and bar exams
End of April Interested students meet with AIC for intake meetings to discuss their internship interests
Beginning of May Interested students sign contract; $100 deposit due
Spring Semester Students meet with ISSO to secure their OPT timing and application
May - July Students study for and take bar exam (if applicable)
August Internship Interviews take place
September Internship starts
September (after accepting internship in writing) Students are invoiced for $1320 payment
December/January Internship ends (at the discretion of the employer, the internship could extend for a longer period)