J.D. Program

Transfer Application Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive from transfer applicants. If you cannot find what you need in these pages, feel free to contact our Admissions Office directly at bulawadm@bu.edu or 617.353.3100.

Does BU Law accept transfer students?

Yes. Each fall we welcome students who have successfully completed one year at an ABA-accredited law school. When making admissions decisions, we place strong emphasis on performance during the first year of law school.

How do I apply as a transfer student to BU Law?

You should submit your transfer application online via LSAC. Please be sure to use the Transfer Application.

A transfer application consists of the following:

  • Electronic Application
  • $85 Application Fee
  • First-Year Law School Transcript
  • First-Year Law School Class Rank or written notification that your law school does not provide class rank.
  • Letter of Good Standing from Law School Dean
  • Original LSAC Law School Report
  • Personal Statement
  • Two Letters of Recommendation, including one from a law school professor.
  • Resume – this should include any information you have about how you plan to spend the summer after your 1L year

Note: previous applicants to BU Law can take advantage of our Streamlined Transfer Application. Please see the Applying to Transfer section for details

When should I submit my transfer application?

BU Law only accepts transfer students for the fall semester. Transfer applications are available on the LSAC website beginning February 1, and can be submitted through August 1. You must complete your file with all supporting documentation by August 1.

What is the Transfer Early Action Program?

Each year a small number of transfer applicants may be accepted through the Transfer Early Action program. If you wish to be considered through this program you should submit your materials as soon as possible and indicate that you wish to be reviewed through this program on your application. These decisions will be based on only the first semester of 1L grades. You will be asked on your application whether or not you wish to be reviewed with only one semester of grades. In order for your application to be reviewed, BU must also be in receipt of a letter of recommendation from one of your law school professors and a letter of good standing from your law school.

If you are admitted via the Transfer Early Action program you will be expected to confirm your intent to enroll with a $1000 deposit within two weeks of your admission. It is expected that students admitted based on only one semester of grades will perform at a level consistent with their first semester during their second semester.

What if I apply and am not admitted through the Transfer Early Action program?

Applicants who complete their applications early but are not admitted based on only their first semester of grades will be reviewed again once their second semester grades are received. The Admissions Committee will review complete applications on a rolling basis. Every effort will be made to provide applicants with decisions as quickly as possible.

When can I expect a decision on my application?

This depends largely on when your application is complete. The Admissions Committee will review applications as quickly as possible, but decisions will be sent out on a rolling basis. We will make every effort to admit you in time to meet all journal writing and recruitment deadlines.

How many credits are required to apply as a transfer candidate?

Transfer applicants should have completed the equivalent of one year of full-time study at an ABA accredited law school. Most transfer students are granted between 28 and 30 credits. The maximum number of credits a transfer student can be granted is 31. Students who have not taken courses required as a part of the BU Law first year curriculum (Civil Procedure, Constitutional Law, Contracts, Criminal Law, Administrative Law, Property, and Legal Research and Writing) will be required to complete those courses before graduating from BU Law.

How many transfer students does BU Law typically accept each year?

The number of transfer students accepted varies greatly from year to year. Some years BU Law might accept as many as 50 transfer students and some years as few as 10.

If I am admitted as a transfer student will I have the opportunity to compete for a spot on the editorial staff of one of BU Law’s six journals?

Most admitted transfer students are admitted in time to participate in one of two journal writing competitions for transfer students. In order to maximize the possibility that you will be admitted in time for one of the competitions we strongly encourage you to complete your application no later than July 1.

If I am admitted as a transfer student can I participate in OCI (On Campus Interviewing) and other recruitment activities?

Yes. The Admissions Office will make every effort to provide you with a decision on your application in time to participate in summer recruiting activities. However, you may receive a decision after some of these events have already taken place. In that case, the Office of Career Development and Public Service will still work with you make the most effective use of their services.

How much time will I have to decide whether or not I want to transfer?

Depending on the timing of your offer of admission, you will have anywhere from a few days to two weeks in which to decide whether you will enroll at BU Law and submit a $1000 deposit. We encourage you to research the opportunities at BU Law once you decide to apply, so that you can make a fully informed decision once you receive an offer.

Do transfer students receive scholarships?

BU Law does not have scholarship funds available for transfer students. However, the Financial Aid Office is happy to assist you in determining other funding options as you navigate the process of transferring to BU Law.

How is a transfer student’s BU Law cumulative GPA calculated?

A transfer student’s GPA will be calculated based solely on his or her grades for classes taken at BU Law. For this reason, transfer students will not receive any sort of class rank until the end of their 3L year. Transfer students are eligible for all graduation honors and awards.

Can I participate in the Moot Court program as a transfer student?

As long as you participated in an oral argument as a part of your 1L experience, you are eligible to participate in The Edward C. Stone Moot Court Competition.

If you did not participate in an oral argument as a part of your 1L curriculum, you will be required to take part in the J. Newton Esdaile Appellate Moot Court Program in the spring semester. Here you will research and draft a brief, and present a case in oral argument before a panel of moot court judges made up of students, lawyers and faculty.

Is there a special orientation for transfer students?

The Office of Student Affairs will hold a Transfer Orientation during one afternoon the week before the beginning of classes.

Do you offer application fee waivers?

The Admissions Office may grant application fee waivers on a case by case basis. If you wish to request a fee waiver please send an email detailing the reason for your request to bulawadm@bu.edu. Please do not wait until the day before the application deadline to make this request.

Do you require a Letter of Standing from my law school?

Yes. You need to have a letter from your current law school sent to BU Law. The letter should address whether you are currently in good standing and provide ranking information if available. If your law school does not rank first year students please provide a statement of this policy.

How many recommendations do I need to submit?

You must submit at least two letters of recommendation, one of which must be written by someone who taught you during your first year of law school.

Previous applicants to BU Law may take advantage of the Streamlined Transfer Application and the recommendation requirement will be waived. Please see the Applying to Transfer section for details.

I applied to BU when I originally applied to law school. How do I apply to transfer?

You may take advantage of our Streamlined Transfer Application process and fill out this form. We will then waive the application fee and send you a brief checklist of required materials you must submit to update your application.