Alumni Spotlight: Elizabeth Holloway Marston (LAW '18)

AKA: Wonder Woman

William Moulton and Elizabeth Holloway Marston

William Moulton Marston hoists aloft
his bride, Elizabeth Holloway Marston,
during a 1916 summer vacation in
New Hampshire. Two years later they
would earn law degrees on opposite
sides of the Charles.

When faced with her diverse list of accomplishments, it seems no wonder why early 20th century alumna Elizabeth Holloway Marston (LAW '18) served as an inspiration to her husband, William Moulton Marston (pen name Charles Moulton) when he created the "Wonder Woman" superheroine in the 1930's. Marston paid her own way through law school, became one of only three women to graduate from BU Law in 1918, and finished the Massachusetts Bar Exam faster than her husband. She helped her husband in his investigations into blood pressure measurements and deception, leading to his development of the polygraph. Marston lectured at prominent universities, edited the Encyclopaedia Brittanica and McCall's magazine, and raised four children, all of whom attended college.

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Archival photographs and original Wonder Woman material courtesy of Moulton "Pete" Marston.