J.D. Program

Your First Year

first year bu lawYour first-year experience at BU Law forms the core of your legal education, helping you "think like a lawyer" by conveying not only the basics of legal doctrines and rules, but building the skills and confidence that allow you to frame, interpret and apply those rules effectively.

At BU Law, smaller class sizes and one of the lowest teacher/student ratios of any large-sized school mean closer connections with faculty who create a supportive learning environment. The classroom is the center of this experience, and it's where our faculty excels by encouraging vigorous exchanges and skillfully training students to convey and defend their arguments with precision and persuasion.

At BU Law, first-year students are divided into three "sections," with students in each section taking all their classes together. This arrangement fosters a close-knit community for new students, both inside and outside of class; many develop lasting relationships from their "first-year section mates." First-year sections are further broken down into "mini-sections"of approximately 40 students in at least one of their substantive topics.