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Internationalism at BU and BU School of Law

Internationalism -- Country flagsFrom its inception 125 years ago, the School of Law has welcomed people of every race and ethnicity and has encouraged both the exchange of ideas and the formation of relations that transcend national boundaries.

BU Law's LL.M. students are an integral part of our internationalism. Our J.D. students are eager to learn about legal systems other than their own, as illustrated by the popularity of international law classes and the Journal of International Law, one of several student-run journals. Our study abroad and exchange programs with foreign law schools throughout Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Latin America enable J.D. students to study international and comparative law abroad and other foreign students to study here. Each year, BU Law invites distinguished visiting professors from Europe and the Middle East to teach J.D. students in international and comparative law topics, and the School frequently serves as a forum where world experts debate emerging legal issues.

BU's reputation for educating international students goes back to the last century. The University has one of the largest international student populations among all American universities and reflects the diversity that characterizes the United States. Students attend BU from all fifty states and from more than 135 foreign countries.