J.D. Program

Legal Theory and Legal History

By studying cases, speeches and treatises, you'll explore the various areas of U.S. legal history including the authority of English common law after the American Revolution, slavery and racism, women's rights and organized labor. Special seminars and lectures offered throughout the year provide additional opportunities to delve deeper into American history and the law.

A Sample of Course Offerings:

  • American Legal History
  • Constitutional Theory
  • English Legal History
  • Historical Perspectives on Law, Constitutions & Culture
  • Law & the Democratic Process

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David Seipp, BU Professor of Law

Legal History: The Year Books

Photo of David SeippEver wonder about the origin of common law? Professor David Seipp compiled a unique database that includes an index and paraphrase of the earliest recorded cases in England, called "Legal History: The Year Books." They are the principal source materials for the development of legal doctrines, concepts and methods from 1290 to 1535, a period during which common law developed into recognizable form.

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