J.D. Program


Technological innovations, health care reform, and globalization have placed new demands on the legal field. Today’s law firms expect first-year associates to know how to draft business agreements and report on potential business and legal risks represented by numerous contracts. Overburdened court systems have given rise to alternative forms of dispute resolution, including negotiation, mediation and arbitration. BU Law has responded by developing concentrations in:classroom

By fulfilling the course requirements of a concentration, you focus your studies on a specific legal field. Under the guidance of leading scholars and practitioners in that discipline, you gain the specialized legal training and tools that can give you a powerful advantage in the marketplace.


Women's, Gender, and Sexuality (WGS) Graduate Certificate

Across the nation, gender and sexuality are increasingly being integrated into all disciplines and departments. The WGS graduate certificate enables students enrolled in graduate programs across the University to pursue comprehensive study in these vibrant, interdisciplinary fields and receive institutional acknowledgement of their work. Pursuing this certificate will prepare students for work in policy development, advocacy, and other fields, as well as refine research, writing, communication and presentation skills. Learn more about the certificate program.