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human trafficking clinic video and featureHuman Trafficking Clinic

The Human Trafficking Clinic offers a unique opportunity for students to work on legal cases of human trafficking, a widespread and serious human rights violation. Clinic students provide a variety of legal services, including direct representation of non-citizens trafficked into the United States, advocacy for trafficking survivors, and community education and training. In particular, Clinic students directly represent trafficking survivors to apply for a T-visa, a special form of immigration relief for trafficking survivors and/or in removal (deportation) proceedings before the Boston Immigration Court. Students collaborate with a variety of stakeholders, including survivors of human trafficking, law enforcement, government officials, and non-governmental organizations, to identify solutions to combat human trafficking. Through their clinical experience, students will increase their knowledge of trafficking law and learn fundamentals of lawyering, while providing a valuable service to survivors who would otherwise be unrepresented.

bu law traffcking clinic with carmen ortiz

HT Clinic visits with U.S. Attorney Carmen Ortiz
December 2013

The Human Trafficking course examines international, federal and state mechanisms to combat human trafficking. The course also evaluates comparative models for criminal prosecution and protection of survivors. The course will explore serious enforcement challenges in a variety of contexts, including victim compensation, employment rights, immigration relief, and criminal prosecution. Moreover, the class will receive training in client counseling techniques, focusing on the unique challenges when working with vulnerable communities, such as trafficking survivors.