J.D. Program

Affordable Housing Externship Program


Solutions to the ongoing challenge of providing affordable housing and sustainable community development in our nation's cities are discovered through the interdisciplinary efforts of various players including lawyers, community groups, financial institutions, architects, engineers, planners and governmental agencies at the local, state and federal levels. The Affordable Housing Externship Program provides opportunities for students to interface directly with these players.

Through the Affordable Housing Externship Program, students receive credit for an externship completed in conjunction with the Affordable Housing and Community Development seminar.

Field Placement

The Program's externship component allows students to experience how various laws, tools and programs come together in the real world to achieve the goal — project by project and case by case — of providing affordable housing and sustainable community development. Boston has a great wealth of public and non-profit housing and community development agencies, and each provides a unique experience for students.


Students also enroll in the Affordable Housing and Community Development seminar, in which they learn about zoning laws, other planning tools and laws, government programs promoting and assisting the development of affordable housing, financing, tax incentives, smart growth policies, community organizations, and related matters. Students may take the seminar without enrolling in the externship component.

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