J.D. Program

Externships and Semester-in-Practice

Nothing prepares your for the real world like the real world. Classes and seminars are an essential part of law school. But a richer, deeper understanding of the law requires experience. Fortunately, at BU Law, you don't have to wait until graduation to gain that experience. We offer a number of for-credit, hands-on programs in settings that include the state and federal judiciary as well as a wide variety of practice areas.


Externship Program

Through an externship, you will work 15-20 hours per week at a local placement and attend a weekly seminar to supplement your experience.

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Semester in Practice Program

The Semester-in-Practice program allows you to work full time for credit practically anywhere in the US or abroad, gaining intensive experience and growing a professional network in another location. Choose one of our exisiting placements, or create your own opportunity to pursue your specific academic and professional goals. Your options include:

  • Human Rights Externship in Geneva, Switzerland
  • Government Lawyering in Washington, DC
  • Independent Proposal Externship

Learn more about Semester-in-Practice at BU Law.