J.D. Program

Dual Degree in International and European Business Law

"I could not have imagined a more perfect way to spend my final fall semester. The experience challenged me on a daily basis -not only on an academic level, but on a personal level, as well. To say the very least, it was the best decision I have made in law school. Fall 2008 ICADE study abroad participant"

Through this program abroad, qualified 3L students have the opportunity to receive both the J.D. degree from BU School of Law and an LL.M. in International and European Business Law from the Universidad Pontificia Comillas (ICADE) in Madrid, Spain.

The dual degree in International and European Business Law enables students in the program to spend their entire 3L year studying at ICADE.

Since ICADE’s founding in 1956, the teaching of law at Comillas has been closely tied to the teaching of business and economics. Today, the Faculty of Law (Facultad de Derecho) at ICADE is still known for its focus on commercial law. One of the most attractive features of ICADE is its student-centered approach. The school’s philosophy is reminiscent of BU Law’s: the faculty is accessible and the administration is supportive. All visiting exchange students meet one-on-one with the Vice Dean and a faculty advisor to develop a customized study plan.

The program, taught entirely in English, is focused n educating and preparing highly-skilled legal professionals to fully understand the rules governing international business and the internal EU market. Students enrolled in this program will study the following four “modules,” in-depth, throughout their year at ICADE:

  • The institutional framework for EU business affairs
  • EU and international business regulation
  • EU market regulation
  • International and EU legal practice and enforcement

The following list includes just a few of the many specialized courses offered through the International and European Business Law Program at ICADE:

  • International and EU Trade Law
  • EU Tax Law and International Tax Planning
  • International Contracts in the EU
  • EU Cross-Border Corporate and Financial Crime
  • EU Competition, IP and Trademark Law
  • Commercial Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Legal Documents in the EU