JD Scholarship Aid

BU Law provides generous scholarship funding for JD students.  We offer a variety of awards, including merit based and need based scholarships.

To maximize your opportunity to receive scholarship funding, you are encouraged to apply for scholarship aid – even if you have not yet received an admissions decision.  

JD students who are awarded scholarships as entering students will receive those same scholarships for each of their three years. This allows students to plan their finances with certainty. We do not reserve funds to make new awards to students in their second or third years.

Early Decision Distinguished Scholars

Students accepted through BU Law's binding early decision process will receive this full tuition scholarship.  An additional application is not required.

An applicant for the early decision program who is not admitted as part of the early decision program, but is admitted later in the admissions cycle, will be considered for the same scholarship aid as other admitted students.

Dean’s Scholar Program

The Dean's Scholar Program honors a small number of admitted students who have demonstrated extraordinary academic achievements with a significant scholarship award and designation as a Dean's Scholar.  An additional application is not required.

BU Law Merit Scholarship

Our Merit Scholarships are awarded based on a student's admissions file and do not require a separate application.  The decision to award a merit scholarship may be made at the time of admission or at any time after a student has been admitted.

Students who submit the required financial aid application materials may receive both a Merit Scholarship and a need-based Alumni Scholarship, if they qualify.

Public Interest Scholarship

Deadline - February 1 
The Public Interest Scholarship Program provides a full tuition scholarship to select students with a demonstrated commitment to pursuing a career in public service.  To apply, students must indicate their intention to apply on their application for admission and submit an essay describing their public interest goals and focus (2 page maximum).

Interested students should review the information provided on the Public Interest Scholars page.


BU Law Alumni Scholarship [Need-Based Scholarship]

Deadline - March 1
These scholarships are awarded based on financial need and additional application materials are required as described below.  Students who miss the March 1 deadline should still submit financial aid materials.  Applicants who meet the March 1 deadline will receive priority in the awarding of need based scholarships.

Financial Aid Application Checklist (for BU Law Alumni Scholarships)

  1. FAFSA - Free Application for Federal Student Aid 
    • School code: 002130
    • Student (and spouse, if applicable) information only

    IRS Data Retrieval for 2015-16 FAFSA
    - Available February 1, 2015
    Students who have filed their 2014 IRS tax return may select the IRS Data Retrieval option on the FAFSA to transfer their tax information to the FAFSA. We strongly recommend that you select this option. This will streamline and expedite the processing of your financial aid application.

    The recommended order is as follows:

    1. Complete your 2014 IRS tax return
    2. File the FAFSA approximately 2 weeks after your taxes, but no earlier than February 1, 2015
    3. Select “IRS Data Retrieval” on the FAFSA

Note:  If you complete the FAFSA using estimated income information, you will be required to do one of the following upon completing your federal income tax return –

    a) Submit a correction to your FAFSA record, or
    b) Submit a copy of your signed federal return & W-2 forms to the Law Financial Aid Office

  1. Need Access Form
    Parent information is required if you will be under 24 years of age by December 31 or will be claimed as a dependent on your parents' federal income tax return.

  2. Signed copies of 2014 federal income tax returns and W-2’s
    • Please include a signed copy of the 1040 form, all schedules and all W-2 forms for the applicant and the applicant's spouse.

    • Parent federal tax returns are required if you will be under 24 years of age by December 31 or will be claimed as a dependent on your parents' federal income tax return.

If 2014 federal income tax returns are not available before the March 1 deadline, they should be submitted as soon as they are available.  The Law Financial Aid Office will usually be able to make a tentative decision without tax returns.  The decision will be finalized upon receipt of 2014 tax returns.  Please note that tax returns must have a physical signature, not an electronic signature.

If a student and/or that student's parent(s) will not be filing a federal income tax return, they should complete the applicable non-filing form that is available on our Forms and Resources page.   

Please do not submit state tax returns or 2013 returns unless they are requested by the Law Financial Aid Office.

International students

International students should review the information provided on the International Students page.

Scholarship Renewal Policy
Scholarships that are awarded to JD students during the admissions process are renewed for a student’s second and third years at BU Law for the same amount. Scholarship renewal is not dependent upon a student maintaining a particular cumulative GPA, but does require that a student comply with the academic policies and regulations of the School of Law. 

Changes to Student Information

Any student receiving financial aid is responsible for promptly informing the Office of Financial Aid of any:

    • Outside agency awards he or she may receive
    • Changes in name or address
    • Changes in enrollment, registration, or degree status

Students must also provide any additional supporting documentation requested by the Office of Financial Aid.

Waiving the Requirement for Parental Information

An applicant may submit a written, detailed request for a waiver of parental information.  Waivers are granted on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of the Office of Financial Aid.  Requests must be made before the March 1 deadline and addressed to the Director of Financial Aid.

To help us distribute scholarship funds equitably, we require that applicants file parental information.  Although many parents do not contribute to their children's graduate education costs, they still may be a resource for some students. Thus, viewing the potential family contribution as a whole is the most accurate way to award need-based aid.

Applicants whose parents are divorced should complete financial aid forms using the information from the parent or parents who last claimed them as a dependent on a federal income tax return or the custodial parent.  Non-custodial parent information is not required.  Applicants who have questions about which parent's information to submit may contact the Law Financial Aid Office.

Transfer Students

Transfer students applying for financial aid should follow the instructions for entering students, although we do not expect transfer applicants to comply with the same deadline as entering students.

Transfer applicants should complete their applications for admission and financial aid simultaneously.  Because the transfer admissions process takes place at the end of the financial aid awarding period, we regret that we may not be able to offer scholarship aid to transfer students.