Outside Scholarships

The Law Financial Aid Office makes an effort to provide information to students about scholarships available outside the School of Law. While many of the scholarships are limited to applicants who are already enrolled in law school, you should still search for these opportunities now - you can always apply later when you are eligible.

Some avenues to explore are:

  • Local, state, and regional bar associations
  • Bar associations with connections to individuals by race, ethnicity, or gender (e.g., Massachusetts Women Lawyers Association)
  • Bar associations that support interest in a particular field of law (e.g., Association of Trial Lawyers of America)
  • Rotary Clubs and other civic, corporate, and private organizations in many cities and states offer scholarships and low-interest loans to law students
  • Clubs devoted to preserving a particular ethnic or cultural heritage
  • Religious organizations
  • A parent's corporation or trade union
  • Fraternal and community organizations (such as American Legion, Disabled American Veterans, Amvets, and VFW)

We have an extensive list of outside scholarships. We know that we may not have found every available scholarship - so we will keep looking and we encourage you to do the same.

Some of the scholarships that we know you can apply to now include: