Boston University School of Law

Purchasing a Computer to Use at BU School of Law

Issues to consider

  • PC or Mac: We recommend you buy a PC with Windows 7 or a MacBook, both of which are in widespread use here at BU Law. BU Law uses ExamSoft academic examination software, which now runs on both English-language versions of Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X 10.5 or above. When purchasing a laptop with Microsoft Windows, please be aware that Microsoft Home and Starter versions cannot cache your Kerberos credentials. This may require you to log onto the MyPrint printers each time you wish to print something. For this reason, we recommend at least the Professional version of Windows. Please also note that the Office of Systems and Technology only supports laptops with English versios of the operating systems.
  • Notebook or desktop: The majority of our students take their final exams on laptops. To use the BU Law's wireless network, you will need a notebook computer with built-in wireless (the standard today) or a wireless network card. If you choose to use a wireless card, it must meet at least the IEEE 802.11b standards. We suggest 802.11g or n standard hardware for better performance.

Students can purchase hardware (including a wireless network card) and software at educational prices through Boston University Information Technology. For more information regarding personal computer purchases through BU, please visit the Boston University Information Technology Personal Sales page.