Where Graduates Work

BU Law: Far and Wide

Where do BU Law grads go? Everywhere. The National Law Journal's (NLJ) annual survey of the nation’s largest law firms, the “NLJ250,” ranks BU Law #19 based on the number of graduates working in the nation’s largest law firms. A recent Journal of Legal Education article ranks BU Law #12 for the number of partners within the NLJ Top 100 large law firms. Beyond "Big Law," our alumni practice in small and medium sized firms across the nation.

Many alumni also work outside law firms: they are elected federal and state officials, ambassadors, attorneys general, career federal and state prosecutors, business executives and entrepreneurs, federal and state judges and magistrates, and public interest attorneys in every imaginable area of the law. Our alumni litigate, make deals, enact policy, create and run businesses and social enterprises, provide financial advising for major companies as well as individual clients, legislate and adjudicate – we have approximately 24,000 BU Law grads leading the way for our students.

Nearly 24,000 BU Law alumni work in 50 states, Washington, D.C., three U.S. territories and more than 100 countries.

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