Recruiting Programs

The Career Development Office (CDO) will help you plan for the career of your choice, meet prospective employers and make connections. The CDO organizes an extensive on- and off-campus recruiting program. Each year hundreds of employers, including law firms, government agencies, public interest organizations, and corporations from all regions of the United States and beyond, recruit BU Law students. Interviews take place both on campus and at regional and specialty job fairs in locations such as New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Washington, D. C., and Miami. Many more employers advertise positions directly through the CDO’s online job posting system, Symplicity.

Dedicated CDO staff constantly work to make connections with a variety of legal employers who do not participate in formal recruitment programs to broaden the range of opportunities for students. For example, the office has established relationships with numerous international employers who now seek BU Law student interns. The CDO also has a comprehensive listing of small and mid-size firm contacts throughout the United States.

Ian Jaquette