Connecting with Alumni

Amy Martell
Savan Vaghani

Our graduates include federal judges, senators, corporate directors, district attorneys, state governors and company presidents. They work in all areas of law, seeking to enact positive changes in clients' lives, contributing to key pieces of legislation and providing guidance to companies around the globe. Long after graduation, BU Law alumni stay connected with the School and each other, providing crucial support to the current student body.

The Esdaile Alumni Center and the Career Development Office host reunion events and organize lectures throughout the year. The First-Year Mentor Program pairs first-year students with a BU Law alumni mentor, allowing students to benefit from the guidance and career advice offered by alumni working in their field of interest.

"I started my third year with an offer to go back to the firm that I spent my summer at. Fast forward to a few months before graduation, when I found out the partnership had voted to dissolve, and I was out of luck with my job offer. The career counselors at the CDO helped me through it all. From working with me on new cover letters, to putting me in contact with alumni, to just being understanding friends through a rough time, the CDO was there for me."
Lalitha Gunturi, Legal Counsel, Patni Americas, Inc.