Walter W. Miller, Jr.

Professor of Law Emeritus

A.B., Harvard College
B.D., Lutheran Theological Seminary, Philadelphia
J.D., State University of New York at Buffalo
LL.M., Harvard University
Certificate of Completion, Oxford University


Walter Miller is a leading authority in bankruptcy law. “Bankruptcy is a constantly changing field that has captured the public’s attention,” he says. “Corporations and individuals are reorganizing their financial affairs through the use of the bankruptcy code in unprecedented numbers, and we may soon be seeing restrictions on individuals’ access to remedies, which is now being acrimoniously debated. Students find this a fascinating area because of its social and legal ramifications.”

A member of the School of Law faculty since 1965, Professor Miller has taught securities regulation, conflict of laws, legal history and legal ethics. “I endeavor to teach my students not just how to think like lawyers or use the rules and principles of law, but how to conduct themselves in an honorable and ethical manner,” he says. “The latter is the most important to me. For a civilization to survive and thrive, the population must trust its laws, lawmakers, lawyers and judges, and that trust must be founded on the fact that those who serve do so with honesty and integrity.”

Professor Miller, who also is a specialist in the areas of contract law and the Uniform Commercial Code, has published a number of journal articles in various fields of law. Twice his writings have been cited as relevant authority in majority opinions of the United States Supreme Court. His books include Contracts: Problems, Cases, and Materials, and Bankruptcy: Problems, Cases and Materials. He has received from BU Law the Alumni Association’s Silver Shingle Award for Distinguished Service to the School, as well as the Michael Melton Award for Excellence in Teaching. Prior to studying law, Professor Miller served as a clergyperson and as Chairman of A Council of Churches Television Committee, for which he organized and scripted programs and appeared regularly on TV.

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