Gustavo Ribeiro


LLB, summa cum laude, Fundação Getulio Vargas Law School
LLM, Harvard Law School
SJD, Harvard Law School


Gustavo is a litigation attorney at Greenberg & Traurig LLP and a lecturer at Boston University Law School. He holds a doctorate from Harvard Law School where he specialized in evidence, procedure, and jurisprudence. Previously, Gustavo served as a law clerk to Judge William G. Young at the District Court for the District of Massachusetts.


2 credits

This is an introductory course on US contract law specifically designed for foreign-trained LLM students from civil law traditions. Its goal is to prepare non-common law lawyers to work effectively with US counsel when structuring and negotiating contractual terms and provisions. The class brings a practical perspective to the topics covered in a traditional first-year contracts course: the fundamentals of contract formation, enforceability, defenses to enforceability, interpretation, performance, conditions, third party rights, damages, and other remedies. In addition to receiving foundational exposure to the main U.S. contract law topics, students will examine how contract law principles affect real-world US legal practice in a range of settings. Comparisons to civil law traditions will be made to elucidate doctrinal concepts and practice considerations. As a result, students will gain a deeper understanding of the practical and cross-cultural issues to consider when working with (or against) US counsel. Enrollment is limited to LLM students from non-common law backgrounds who have not taken the fall semester four- credit JD or LLM contracts class.

SPRG 2019: LAW JD 688 A1 , Mar 5th to Apr 23rd 2019
Days Start End Credits Instructors Bldg
Tue,Thu 8:30 am 10:30 am 2 Gustavo Ribeiro

2 credits

This course exposes LL.M. students to the basic principles of real property law, including possession, ownership, rights in land, conveyances, estates, future interests, real estate contracts, easements, land use disputes, landlord-tenant issues, and land use controls, among others. The course is designed to provide a fundamental understanding of the essential doctrines of real property law for LL.M. students interested in taking a U.S. bar exam. Meeting dates - 1/17/2018-2/26/2018.

SPRG 2018: LAW JD 702 A1 , Jan 17th to Feb 26th 2018
Days Start End Credits Instructors Bldg
Mon,Wed 4:20 pm 6:20 pm 2 Gustavo Ribeiro LAW
SPRG 2019: LAW JD 702 A1 , Jan 14th to Feb 27th 2019
Days Start End Credits Instructors Bldg
Mon,Wed 4:20 pm 6:20 pm 2 Gustavo Ribeiro
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