Corey Smith


Senior Litigation Counsel, U.S. Department of Justice, Tax Division

BA with honors, The University of Chicago
JD cum laude, Suffolk University Law School
LLM in Taxation, Boston University School of Law

Areas of Interest
Tax Law

Corey Smith is senior litigation counsel in the Tax Division of the U.S. Department of Justice in Washington, DC.  At the Department of Justice, he has litigated over 100 complex white collar cases, and has successfully tried over twenty federal criminal cases. As Senior Litigation Counsel for the Tax Division he handles national security and identity theft issues and reports to the Deputy Assistant Attorney General for Criminal Matters. Previously he was an Assistant Section Chief for the Southern Criminal Enforcement Section. In 2004, he tried the Anderson’s Ark and Associates case in Seattle which resulted in over 30 convictions and a $62.5 Million restitution order. More recently, he tried the Instant Tax Service case (United States v. Ogbazion) in the Southern District of Ohio which involved an extensive fraud scheme in which the fourth largest provider of income tax return preparation services nationwide marketed fraudulent Refund Anticipation Loans to its customers.  The fraud loss was over $20 million.   Mr. Smith has also worked on a number of terrorism financing investigations involving the use of tax exempt charities as financing vehicles for international terrorist organizations.

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