Pro Bono legal services for those who need it most

"ProBar specifically recruits and trains volunteer attorneys, law students and legal assistants in a continued effort to address the injustices faced by asylum seekers."

Maria Tartaglia ('14)

"Oklahoma has one of the largest American Indian populations, and it is growing. There are a lot of very complex legal issues that need dedicated and brilliant individuals like the attorneys at OILS."

Jenny Small ('13)

"Immigration lawyers at AIJ basically have to do triage with their clients to figure out who is in danger of being deported first, and of those, who has the best chance at gaining some sort of legal immigration status."

Libby Hasse ('14)

"Every day we visited a different courthouse in a different city in Maine... I learned a lot about the foreclosure process in the state and the needs that people have for legal aid."

Erin Hogan ('13)

"My time working with Kids in Need of Defense (KIND) was an amazing, eye-opening experience... In just a week, I learned a great deal of substantive asylum law, and I also learned how the asylum process works from start to finish."

Izzy Lubarsky ('14)

"One thing I observed was the let-down of the 'American Dream.'… Once I interacted with the clients, I realized how many were depending on the auction process to repurchase their homes. If someone else bid, these families were facing displacement. The cycle seemed never-ending."

Celeste Davis ('12)

"Using the case they were currently working on, Jessica and the other attorneys taught us the process of filing a petition in a post-conviction defense case. The attorneys were very approachable and taught us a lot about their work."

Sohani Khan ('14)

"The Refugee & Immigration Assistance program...provides assistance to clients with immigration problems by providing inexpensive or complementary legal assistance in all phases of immigration and naturalization proceedings."

Matthew Bailey ('13)

"While a general lack of resources makes it difficult for legal aid providers all over the country to provide assistance to those in need, the problem is stunningly apparent in New Orleans."

Theresa Perkins ('12)

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