International Law Society named Best All-Around Chapter nationwide for 2012-2013

globe and gavelBoston University School of Law’s International Law Society (ILS) has been named Best All-Around Chapter in the nation for the 2012-2013 academic year.

The International Law Students Association (ILSA), the national affiliate, commended the BU Law chapter for collaboration with interdisciplinary organizations, faculty involvement, and the scope and variety of activities offered throughout the year.

"I am very proud of this year's International Law Society," says ILS president Kelly Soltis ('14). "The executive board has been instrumental in organizing and promoting all of our events, and the members made them successful with their attendance and interest in the variety of issues in international law we presented. This is an important and growing field in today's legal profession, so I am glad that the ILS is able to bring awareness to the student body of many international legal issues. I look forward to seeing what the ILS will accomplish in the years to come."

Here is what ILSA had to say about BU Law’s exceptional year:

quote Throughout the 2012-2013 school year, the International Law Society at Boston University has maintained a constant presence on campus through a series of events ranging from professors’ presentations, student panels, career discussion panels and coffee chats with professors. Furthermore the chapter has fostered relationships with several other groups, establishing the values of international law as they relate to other fields and thus inspiring students, that may otherwise remain unaware, to learn more about the group and the practice at large.

Boston University International Law Society joined forces with several inter-disciplinary groups throughout the year. One of the most successful events of this type was “Doctors of the Dark Side,” a collaboration with Boston University Medical School focusing on the role of doctors in torture and the legal obligation of lawyers to respond to this on an international level. The discussion also developed inter-disciplinary discussions about the ethical and legal problems with doctors going abroad to test certain theories that would not have been permitted in the United States.

This year we had extensive involvement of the Boston University faculty as well. The “Legal Status of Puerto Rico” discussion was incorporated into the dean’s legacy series spotlighting the academic interests of the professors. The Career Development Office joined the ILS in presenting a career panel. They were eager to be involved with our group because they recognized the opportunity to expand the opportunities of Boston University School of Law graduates by extending our borders beyond the United States.

The skills and understanding of international law are crucial to the community at Boston University School of Law. In order to make it attainable for all interested parties, the ILS has offered a vast number of events. Different people learn and socialize differently, thus it was important to the ILS to offer events that catered to different styles. Events such as the “Legal Status of Puerto Rico” and “Doctors of the Dark Side” featured presenters or information in a more formal setting, followed by question-and-answer or discussion periods. Panels, such as “Global Perspectives,” in which foreign students gave their view of international issues, and the career panel were slightly less structured, with the majority of the event was open to discussion. Furthermore they offered the chance to learn from students and acting professionals as opposed to merely faculty. Throughout the year the Boston University ILS held several “Coffee Chats” with professors. These were more intimate settings with fewer people that gave interested students the opportunity to discuss international law interests with professors currently researching or working in the area—such as Professor Robert Sloane, who has worked extensively on human rights and international law issues arising in Tibetan-Chinese relations and is currently working on the law of war. Lastly, the ILS provided a more social and relaxed atmosphere open to all students at the “International Cultural Exchange,” featuring international dishes and discussion. quote


BU Law's International Law Society (ILS) promotes awareness of global events and a greater understanding of diverse legal cultures and their role in the world today. ILS sponsors a variety of events throughout the year to bring students, faculty, law professionals and other interested parties together to learn more about this important area of law. Through social activities and speakers, ILS encourages cultural exchange and vibrant academic discussion about this exciting field of law.

May 15, 2013

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