Equal Justice Works Fellowship Information Session

  • Starts: 12:00 pm on Thursday, July 8, 2010
  • Ends: 2:00 pm on Thursday, July 8, 2010
Equal Justice Works: Public Interest Law Opportunities Presenter: Jennifer Tschirch Senior Program Manager, Fellowships Equal Justice Works •Interested in pursuing an Equal Justice Works Fellowship? •Curious about the Equal Justice Works Conference and Carer Fair? •Need more information on the Equal Justice Works AmeriCorps Program? Lawyers can make a significant difference in the lives of vulnerable people and communities that desperately need legal intervention to obtain justice. But scarce entry-level job opportunities and overwhelming student debt combine to thwart many law graduates from pursuing public interest careers. Equal Justice Works is the national leader in creating summer and postgraduate public interest opportunities for law students. Jennifer Tschirch, Senior Program Manager for Fellowships will answer your questions about public interest law opportunities and how to submit stellar applications for Equal Justice Works programs. For more information about Equal Justice Works and to learn more about our public interest law program, visit our website at www.equaljusticeworks.org.
Northeastern School of Law, ROOM 230 DOCKSER, Boston, MA

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