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America's New Class Warfare
University at Buffalo Law School
October 23rd-24th, 2009

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Northeast People of Color (NEPOC) Legal Scholarship Conference 2008

Education & the Economy: The Real Lives of People of Color
Boston University School of Law
September 12th-14th, 2008

Thank you to all for making NEPOC 2008 this past weekend at Boston University School of Law a smashing success! Almost 100 people participated this year, traveling from schools across the country and representing junior, middle and senior levels of faculty and deans. Professor Maria OBrien Hylton proclaimed in her welcome that the themes of the conference, Education and the Economy: The Real Lives of People of Color, were especially timely. Here are some highlights:

  • There were four outstanding panels where we learned about how homes can be purchased for a dollar in Detroit, how home care workers continue to suffer outside the protection of the law, how minority law school applicants must often choose distant locales far from home in order to receive a legal education, and how charter schools remain controversial among many other things.
  • There were twenty-four works in progress on a wide variety of topics. Thank you to the commentators for their time and generosity!
  • Our luncheon speakers, Sheryll Cashin, Len Baynes and Frank Valdes, once again inspired our spirits and also brought us to tears in speaking about their accomplishments, the challenges in their past and our need to work collectively towards a brighter future at this historical moment in our country. Congrats to Len and Frank for their Hayward Burns Shanara Gilbert Awards and to Sheryll for continuing the tradition of the Kellis E. Parker keynote.

Professor Elizabeth Trujillo remarked that the emotion-filled lunches marked the second year in a row that tears flowed at NEPOC. I took this as a compliment. At NEPOC we have strived to showcase high-quality scholarly programs while also maintaining a supportive, intimate and familial community. I believe we achieved these goals during this wonderful weekend at Boston University.

I thank the committee members who were enormously helpful in putting on the conference as well as Boston University School of Law and the Ron Brown Center for Civil Rights & Economic Development at St. Johns University School of Law for their support.

Please note that abstracts, drafts and excerpts are still up on the conference website. In addition, there is a slideshow of photos from the conference.

I am looking forward to 2009! Anyone who is interested in helping to plan the 2009 conference or who has a suggestion either as to theme, location or other conference logistics, please email me at

-Warm regards, Elaine Chiu

Slideshow of photos from the conference

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