Volume 8 Issue 1 - Winter 2002


The Internet Meets Obi-Wan Kenobi in the Court of Next Resort
Susan Nauss Exon

The Degradation of Political Identity Under a National Identification System
Richard Sobel

Promoting Innovation in the Software Industry: A First Principles Approach to Intellectual Property Reform
Bruce Abramson

Symposium on Bioinformatics and Intellectual Property Law

Patenting and Financing Bioinformatic Inventions
Featured Speakers: Mitchell Bloom and Thomas C. Meyers

Data Protection Statues and Bioinformatics Databases
Featured Speakers: Dennis S. Karjala

Molecules vs. Information: Should Patents Protect Both?
Featured Speakers: Rebecca Eisenberg

Use of Patented Research Tools Abroad
Featured Speakers: Cynthia Ho

The Proper Scope of IP Rights in the Post-Genomics Era
Featured Speakers: Arti Rai

Open Source Genomics
Featured Speakers: Dan Burk


A Proposal for an International Licensing Body to Combat File Sharing and Digital Copyright Infringement
Howard P. Goldberg

Commercialized Genetic Testing: The Role of Corporate Biotechnology in the New Genetic Age
Allen C. Nunnally

Legal Updates

Embryonic Stem Cell Research: Shifting Availability of Federal Funds
Eric R. Passeggio

United States v. Microsoft: Appellate Rulings
Michael Plodek

Posthumous Conception: The Birth of a New Class Woodward v. Commissioner of Social Security
Renee H. Sekino

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