Volume 6 - Spring 2000


The Challenges of Law in Cyberspace - Fostering the Growth and Safety of E-Commerce
Introduction: Professor Robert Bone
Federal Trade Commissioner Mozelle W. Thompson

Technology Law Symposium: Biotech Materials and Medical Devices in the new Millennium

Advances in Biomaterials and Devices, and Their Financing
Introduction: Dean Ronald Cass, Prof. Michael Baram
Moderator: Steven Bauer, Esq.
Panelists: Prof. Joyce Wong, Prof. Martin Yarmush, Mr. Rufus King, Mr. Joshua Tolkoff

Patent Rights and Licensing
Introduction: Prof. Michael Baram
Moderator: Dr. Ashley Stevens
Panelists: Prof. Michael Meurer, Thomas Meyers

Criteria for Health Insurance Coverage
Introduction: Prof. Michael Baram
Keynote Speaker Dr. Hugh Hill

Regulatory and Liability Considerations
Moderator: Prof. Michael Baram
Panelists: Ellen Flannery, Patricia Davis, Prof. Gary Marchant


Computer Crimes and the Respondeat Superior Doctrine: Employers Beware!
Mark Ishman


Breaking Through the Looking Glass: An Analysis of Trademark Rights in Domain Names Across Top Level Domains
Kevin K. Eng

Electronic Self-Help Software Repossession: A Proposal to Protect Small Software Development Companies
Timothy P. Heaton

Inevitable Disclosure Where No Non-Competition Agreement Exists: Additional Guidance Needed
Matthew K. Miller

Resolving the Legal Issues Concerning the Use of Information Warfare in the International Forum: The Reach of the Existing Legal Framework, and the Creation of a New Paradigm
Michael J. Robbat

Cybersquatting: Blackmail on the Information Superhighway
John D. Mercer

Legal Updates

Is it a Tie-In, or an Integration? U.S. v. Microsoft Weighs In
Dustin Rowles

New Cybersquatting Law Brings Mixed Reactions from Trademark Owners
Aaron L. Melville

Congress Gives Satellite Viewers Local Station Option
Stephen Super

Cracking the Department of Commerce's Encryption Export Regulations
Peter K. Hoffmann

A New Law Creates a Patent Infringement Defense and Restructures The Patent and Trademark Office
Pat Costello

Broadband Internet Access: AT&T's Fight to Keep Its Cable Wires "Closed"
Joshua I. Katz