Volume 5

Articles and Columns

SEC Disclosure Requirements and the 1998 Year 2000 Release: A Continuation of Policy
Jonathan M. Moulton & Joseph S. Rosen

Defenses in Year 2000 Litigation: New Technology, Old Theories
David S. Godkin & Marc E. Betinsky

The Y2K Tsunami: Directors & Officers Should Prepare to Be Deluged
Gavin Clarkson

Legal Aspects of Internet Securities Transactions
Henrique de Azevedo Ferreira Franša

Marginalizing Individual Privacy on the Internet
Deborah M. McTigue


Crossing Virtual Lines: Trespass on the Internet
Daniel J. Caffarelli

Protecting Internet Trade Dress: What To Do About Product Configurations?
David K. Hou

Encouraging Community Development in Cyberspace: Applying the Community Reinvestment Act to Internet Banks
Miho Kubota

Building A Mystery: Repair, Reconstruction, Implied Licenses, and Hewlett-Packard Co. v. Repeat-O-Type Stencil Manufacturing Corp.
Christina M. Sperry

SPAM - It's not Just for Breakfast Anymore: Federal Legislation and the Fight to Free the Internet From Unsolicited Commercial E-Mail
Gary S. Moorefield

Legal Updates

Censoring Internet Access at Public Libraries: First Amendment Restrictions
Theodore George

Hong Kong Removed from U.S. Trade Representative's Special 301 Watch List
Matthew K. Miller

Spoliation of Electronic Evidence
Kevin Eng

Internet Access: Constitutional Rights of State Employees
Ray M. Kline

Trademark Dilution: Only the Truly "Famous" Need Apply
John D. Mercer

Trademark Law: The Third Circuit's Rejection of the Possibility of Confusion Test
Jeffrey J. Rupp