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VOLUME 32 ISSUE 1 — Spring 2014

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Reforming the Law of Evidence of Tanzania (Part Two): Conceptual Overview and Practical Steps
Ronald J. Allen, Timothy Fry, Jessica Notebaert & Jeff VanDam
Page 1

The Lost Archives of Noriega: Emancipating Panamanian Human Rights Documents in U.S. Military Custody
Douglas Cox
Page 55

In re Qimonda AG: The Conflict Between Comity and the Public Policy Exception in Chapter 15 of the Bankruptcy Code
John J. Chung
Page 89

Why the United States Cannot Agree to Disagree on Blasphemy Laws
Evelyn M. Aswad, Rashad Hussain & M. Arsalan Suleman
Page 119

Anatomy of an Uprising: Women, Democracy, and the Moroccan Feminist Spring
Karla Mari McKanders
Page 147


A Political Solution to Puerto Rico’s Disenfranchisement: Reconsidering Congress’s Role in Bringing Equality to America’s Long-Forgotten Citizens
César A. López Morales
Page 185

The Bulgarian Specialized Criminal Court After One Year: A Misplaced Transplant, an Instrument of Justice, or a Tool of Executive Power?
Yoana Kuzmova
Page 227