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Searching for the Key in the Wrong Place: Why "Common Sense" Credibility Rules Consistently Harm Refugees
James P. Eyster
Page 1

Quo Vadis WTO? The Threat of TRIPS and the Biodiversity Convention to Human Health and Food Security
Kojo Yelpaala
Page 55

Constitutions Beyond Borders: The Overlooked Practical Aspects of the Extraterritorial Question
Galia Rivlin
Page 135


Scales of Justice: Assessing Italian Criminal Procedure Through the Amanda Knox Trial
Julia Mirabella
Page 229

Simulating Pharmaceutical Markets in the Developing World: The Problems with "Pull" Funding Mechanisms
Evan Wisser
Page 261

Who's Running This Place? A Comparative Look at the Political Appointment System in the United States and Britain, and What the United States Can Learn
Mark Eisen
Page 295