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"Exploring the Relationship between Consent, Assumption of Risk, and Victim Negligence"

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"Qualified Conservation Restrictions: Recollections of and Reflections on the Origins of Section 170(h)"

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"American VAT -- The Carousel Fraud Threat: Will the EU Show the US the "Way Forward"

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"Tackling VAT Fraud: Thirteen Ways Forward"

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"Toward a Regulatory Framework for Third-Party Funding of Litigation"

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"Vogtländische Straβen-,Tief- und Rohrleitungsbau GmbH Rodewisch (VSTR) v. Finanzamt Plauen –  VAT Triangulation v. Drop Shipments"

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"CONFRONTING INJUSTICE: Moral History and Political Theory"

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"Stopping MTIC -- With a 3rd Invoicing Directive"

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Courtney G. Joslin, Joan Heifetz Hollinger, Katharine Baird Silbaugh,
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"Ethical Issues in Mass Tort Plaintiffs' Representation: Beyond the Aggregate Settlement Rule"

BU Law Working Paper 13-8, April 3, 2013
Jay Wexler,
"Some Thoughts on the First Amendment's Religion Clauses and Abner Greene's Against Obligation, with Reference to Patton Oswalt's Character "Paul From Staten Island" in the Film Big Fan"

BU Law Working Paper 13-7, March 28, 2013
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"When Pregnancy Is An Injury: Rape, Law, and Culture"

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"E-Verify Can Stop Refund Fraud"

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"Dismatling Large Bank Holding Companies for Their Own Good and for the Good of the Country"

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"Breaking Bankruptcy Priority: How Rent-Seeking Upends the Creditors' Bargain"

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Richard T. Ainsworth
"Zappers & Employment Tax Fraud"

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Pnina Lahav
"The Woes of WoW: The Women of the Wall as a religious social movement and as metaphor"

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Kenneth W. Simons,
"Victim fault and victim strict responsibility in Anglo-American tort law"