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Kristin A. Collins,
"A Short History of Sex and Citizenship: The Historians' Amicus Brief in Flores-Villar v. United States"

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Forfeiture, Change of Normative Position, or Moral Luck?

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Anna diRobilant,

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"Government Disapproval of Religion"

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"A Global Panopticon? The Changing Role of International Organizations in the Information Age"

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"A Considerable Surgical Operation": Article III, Equity, and Judge-Made Law in the Federal Courts"

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"Poverty Tourism, Justice and Policy"

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Austin Frakt and Kevin Outterson,,
"After The Deluge: Health Reform Without An Individual Mandate"

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"Germ Shed Management in the United States"

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Linda C. McClain,
"Religious and Political Virtues and Values in Congruence or Conflict?: On Smith, Bob Jones University, and Christian Legal Society"

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Alan L. Feld,
"Who Are the Beneficiaries of Fisk University's Stieglitz Collection"

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Robert D. Sloane,
"On the Use and Abuse of Necessity in the Law of State Responsibility"

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Keith N.Hylton and Haizhen Lin,
"Negligence, Causation, and Incentives for Care"

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"The Market in Unmatured Tort Claims: Twenty Years Later"

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James Bessen,
"Was Mechanization De-Skilling? The Origins of Task-Biased Technical Change"

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Stephen G. Marks,
"Valuing the Future: Intergenerational Discounting, Its Problems, and a Modest Proposal"

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Jennifer Shkabatur,
"Cities @ Crossroads: Digital Technology and Local Democracy in America"

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Tracey Maclin and Julia Mirabella,
"Framing the Fourth"

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Keith N.Hylton,
"Property Rules and Defensive Conduct in Tort Law Theory"

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Richard Thompson Ainsworth,
"VAT Fraud as a Policy Stimulus -- Is the US Watching? VAT Withholding, RTvat, and the Mittler Model"

BU Law Working Paper 11-07, February 14, 2011
Richard Thompson Ainsworth,
"Technology Solves MTIC -- VLN, RTvat, D-VAT certification"

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Theodore S. Sims,
"Invariant Valuation and Economic Depreciation: A Constructive Proof of the Samuelson Theorem"

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Keith N.Hylton,
"Brown Shoe Versus the Horizontal Merger Guidelines"

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Jack M. Beermann,
"A Skeptical View of a Skeptical View of Presidential Term Limits"

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Keith N.Hylton,
"An Economic Perspective on Preemption"

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David H. Webber,
"The Plight of the Individual Investor in Securities Class Actions"

BU Law Working Paper 11-01, January 7, 2011
Richard Thompson Ainsworth,
"Will Cutting the Payroll Tax Increase Jobs? (Empirical Evidence from the EU VAT)"

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