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Kevin Outterson, Christopher T. Robertson, and David Orentlicher
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"End the Failed Chevron Experiment Now: How Chevron Has Failed and Why it Can and Should be Overruled"

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BU Law Working Paper 09-33, July 30, 2009

Pnina Lahav,
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Pnina Lahav,
"American Moment[s]: When, How, and Why Did Israeli Law Faculties Come to Resemble Elite U.S. Law Schools?"

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"Québec's Module d'Enregistrement des Ventes (MEV): Fighting the Zapper, Phantomware and Tax Fraud with Technology"

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"Regulating the Financial Markets by Examinations"

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Richard T. Ainsworth,
"Use and Enjoyment of Intangible Services: The Czech Republic's VAT Derogation"

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"California Biometrics: A Second Proposal for California's Commission on the 21st Century Economy "

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"Combating Midnight Regulation"

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"Transfer Pricing in VAT/GST vs. Direct Taxation: A Paper on the Topic of Relations between Associated Companies"

BU Law Working Paper 09-01, January 8, 2009
Richard T. Ainsworth,
"California Zappers: A Proposal for California's Commission on the 21st Century Economy"

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