BU Law Working Paper 08-38, a 2008 paper posted June 30, 2014
Susan Akram,
"Myths and Realities of the Palestinian Refugee Problem: Reframing the Right of Return"

BU Law Working Paper 08-37, December 12, 2008
Michael S. Baram,
"Globalization and Workplace Hazards in Developing Nations"

BU Law Working Paper 08-36, December 9, 2008
Michael S. Baram,
"Biotechnological Research on the most Dangerous Pathogens: Challenges for Risk Governance and Safety Management "

BU Law Working Paper 08-35, December 1, 2008
Robert G. Bone,
"Making Effective Rules: The Need for Procedure Theory"

BU Law Working Paper 08-34, November 26, 2008
Robert G. Bone,
"Twombly, Pleading Rules, and the Regulation of Court Access"

BU Law Working Paper 08-33, November 20, 2008
Keith N. Hylton and Haizhin Lin
"Innovation and Optimal Punishment, with Antitrust Applications"

BU Law Working Paper 08-32, November 17, 2008
Kenneth W. Simons,
"Mistake of Fact or Mistake of Criminal Law? Explaining and Defending the Distinction"

BU Law Working Paper 08-31, October 27, 2008
Richard Thompson Ainsworth,
"Electronic Tax Fraud -- Are There "Sales Zappers" in Japan?"

BU Law Working Paper 08-30, October 17, 2008
David I. Walker,
"The Non-Option: Understanding the Dearth of Discounted Employee Stock Options"

BU Law Working Paper 08-29, October 10, 2008
Ward Farnsworth,
"Dissents Against Type"

BU Law Working Paper 08-28, October 6, 2008
Linda McClain,
"Response to Essays in PEGS Symposium on The Place of Families: Family Life, the Politics of the Family, and Social Transformation "

BU Law Working Paper 08-27, September 3, 2008
Robert D. Sloane,
"Breaking the Genuine Link: The Contemporary International Legal Regulation of Nationality "

BU Law Working Paper 08-26, September 2,, 2008
Charles K. Whitehead,
"The Evolution of Debt: Covenants, the Credit Market, and Corporate Governance"

BU Law Working Paper 08-25, September 2,, 2008
David Rossman,
"Conditional Rules in Criminal Procedure: Alice in Wonderland Meets the Constitution"

BU Law Working Paper 08-24, July 7, 2008
Keith N. Hylton, Yulia Rodionova, and Fei Deng
"Church and State: An Economic Analysis"

BU Law Working Paper 08-23, June 30, 2008
David I. Walker and Victor Fleicher,
"Book/Tax Conformity and Equity Compensation"

BU Law Working Paper 08-22, June 23, 2008
Keith N. Hylton,
"Unilateral Refusals to Deal and the Antitrust Modernization Commission Report"

BU Law Working Paper 08-21, June 17, 2008
Richard Thompson Ainsworth,
"Zappers and Phantom-Ware at the FTA: Are They Listening Now?"

BU Law Working Paper 08-20, June 2, 2008
Richard Thompson Ainsworth,
"Zappers & Phantom-Ware: A Global Demand for Tax-Fraud Technology"

BU Law Working Paper 08-19, May 19, 2008
Keith N. Hylton,
"The Economics of Public Nuisance Law and the New Enforcement Actions"

BU Law Working Paper 08-18, May 9, 2008
Keith N. Hylton,
"The Law and Economics of Monopolization Standards"

BU Law Working Paper 08-17, May 6, 2008
Robert D. Sloane,
"The Scope of Executive Power in the Twenty-First Century: An Introduction"

BU Law Working Paper 08-16, April 16, 2008
Keith N. Hylton & Vikramaditya S. Khanna,
"Political Economy of Criminal Procedure"

BU Law Working Paper 08-15, April 11, 2008
Kenneth W. Simons,
"Tort Negligence, Cost-Benefit Analysis and Tradeoffs: A Closer Look at the Controversy"

BU Law Working Paper 08-14, April 7, 2008 (revised August 26, 2008)
Robert D. Sloane,
"The Cost of Conflation: Preserving the Dualism of Jus ad Bellum and Jus in Bello in the Contemporary Law of War"

BU Law Working Paper 08-13, March 24, 2008
Keith N. Hylton,
"The Economic Theory of Nuisance Law and Implications for Environmental Regulation"

BU Law Working Paper 08-12, March 12, 2008
Sadiq Reza,
"Endless Emergency: The Case of Egypt"

BU Law Working Paper 08-11, March 7, 2008
Linda McClain,
"Unleashing or Harnessing 'Armies of Compassion'?: Reflections on the Faith-Based Initiative"

BU Law Working Paper 08-10, March 6, 2008
Richard Thompson Ainsworth,
"MTIC (Carousel) Fraud: Twelve Ways Forward; Two Ways "Preferred" -- Has the Technology-based Administrative Solution Been Rejected"

BU Law Working Paper 08-09, March 5, 2008
Keith N. Hylton,
"A Theory of Wealth and Punitive Damages"

BU Law Working Paper 08-08, March 5, 2008
James Bessen and Michael J. Meurer,
"Do Patents Perform Like Property?"

BU Law Working Paper 08-07, February 19, 2008
Richard Thompson Ainsworth,
"Zappers: Tax Fraud, Technology and Terrorist Funding"

BU Law Working Paper 08-06, February 4, 2008
Kevin Outterson,
"Should Access to Medicines And TRIPS Flexibilities Be Limited To Specific Diseases?"

BU Law Working Paper 08-05, January 29, 2008
Keith N. Hylton,
"Asbestos and Mass Torts with Fraudulent Victims"

BU Law Working Paper 08-04, January 15, 2008
Tracey Maclin,
"The Good and Bad News About Consent Searches in the Supreme Court "

BU Law Working Paper 08-03, January 14, 2008
Keith N. Hylton,
"Weyerhaeuser, Predatory Bidding, and Error Costs"

BU Law Working Paper 08-02, January 8, 2008
Robert G. Bone,
"'To Encourage Settlement': Rule 68, Offers of Judgment, and the History of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure"

BU Law Working Paper 08-01, January 7, 2008
Robert G. Bone,
"Schechter's Ideas in Historical Context and Dilution's Rocky Road"

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