BU Law Working Paper 07-36, December 22, 2007
Robert G. Bone,
"A Skeptical View of the Trademark Dilution Revision Act"

BU Law Working Paper 07-35, December 21, 2007
Robert G. Bone,
"Securing the Normative Foundations of Litigation Reform"

BU Law Working Paper 07-34, December 12, 2007
Tamar Frankel and Mark Fagan,
"Introduction to Trust and Honesty in the Real World: A Joint Course for Lawyers and Business People and Regulators"

BU Law Working Paper 07-33, December 7, 2007
Eva S. Nilsen,
"Decency, Dignity, and Desert: Restoring Ideals of Humane Punishment to Constitutiona Discourse"

BU Law Working Paper 07-32, December 4, 2007
Linda McClain,
"The 'Male Problematic' and the Problems of Family Law: A Response to Don Browning's 'Critical Familism'"

BU Law Working Paper 07-31, November 30, 2007
Linda McClain,
"The Role of the 'Natural Family' in Religious Opposition to Human Rights Instruments"

BU Law Working Paper 07-30, November 30, 2007
Tracey Maclin,
"The Bush Administration's Terrorist Surveillance Program and the Fourth Amendment's Warrant-Requirement: Lessons from Justice Powell and the Keith Case"

BU Law Working Paper 07-29, November 26, 2007,
Richard Ainsworth,
"IT-APAs -- Vertical Harmonization of Transfer Pricing Standards"

BU Law Working Paper 07-28, November 19, 2007
Tracey Maclin,
"Police Interrogation During Traffic Stops: More Questions Than Answers"

BU Law Working Paper 07-27, October 15, 2007
Robert D. Sloane,
"AJIL Review of Mark Drumbl's Atrocity, Punishment, and International Law (2007)"

BU Law Working Paper 07-26, October 9, 2007,
Keith N. Hylton,
"Due Process and Punitive Damages: An Economic Approach"

BU Law Working Paper 07-25, September 20, 2007,
Charles K. Whitehead and Ronald J. Gilson,
"Deconstructing Equity: Public Ownership, Agency Costs, and Complete Capital Markets"

BU Law Working Paper 07-24, September 17, 2007,
Katharine B. Silbaugh,
"Wal-Mart's Other Woman Problem: Sprawl and Work-Family Balance"

BU Law Working Paper 07-23, September 11, 2007,
Richard Ainsworth,
"IT-APAs: Harmonizing Inconsistent Transfer Pricing Rules in Income Tax -- Customs -- VAT"

BU Law Working Paper 07-22, September 10, 2007,
Kevin Outterson, Julie Balch Samora, Karen Keller-Cuda,
"Will Longer Antimicrobial Patents Improve Global Public Health?"

BU Law Working Paper 07-21, September 7, 2007,
David Lyons,
"The Legal Entrenchment of Illegality"

BU Law Working Paper 07-20, September 7, 2007,
David Lyons,
"From Politics to Philosophy"

BU Law Working Paper 07-19, September 5, 2007,
Richard Ainsworth,
"UK Car-Flipping: The VAT Fraud Market-Place and Certified Solutions"

BU Law Working Paper 07-18, August 15, 2007,
Nancy J. Moore,
"Mr. Prinzo's Breakthrough and The Limits of Confidentiality"

BU Law Working Paper 07-17, August 8, 2007,
David I. Walker,
"Unpacking Backdating: Economic Analysis and Observations on the Stock Option Scandal"

BU Law Working Paper 07-16, August 7, 2007,
Nancy J. Moore,
"The ALI Draft Proposal to Bypass the Aggregate Settlement Rule: Do Mass Tort Individual Clients Need (or Want) Group Decision-making?"

BU Law Working Paper 07-15, July 16, 2007,
Ward Farnsworth,
"The Use and Limits of Martin-Quinn Scores to Assess Supreme Court Justices, with Special Attention to the Problem of Ideological Drift"

BU Law Working Paper 07-14, July 10, 2007,
Kenneth Simons,
"Self-Defense: Reasonable Beliefs or Reasonable Self-Control?"

BU Law Working Paper 07-13, June 27, 2007,
Wendy K. Mariner,
"Medicine and Public Health: Crossing Legal Boundaries"

BU Law Working Paper 07-12, June 19, 2007,
Katharine B. Silbaugh,
"Women's Place: Urban Planning, Housing Design, and Work-Family Balance"

BU Law Working Paper 07-11, June 18, 2007,
Frances H. Miller,
"Adverse Drug Reactions, Medical Accidents, and Patient Safety"

BU Law Working Paper 07-10, June 15, 2007,
Frances H. Miller,
"Foreword: The Politics of Health Law: Any Tipping Points in View?"

BU Law Working Paper 07-09, May 4, 2007,
Robert D. Sloane,
"Prologue to a Voluntarist War Convention"

BU Law Working Paper 07-08, May 1, 2007,
James Bessen and Michael J. Meurer,
"The Private Costs of Patent Litigation"

BU Law Working Paper 07-07, April 4, 2007, (Revised Version May 18, 2007)
Stanley Z. Fisher,
"Eyewitness Identification Reform in Massachusetts"

BU Law Working Paper 07-06, April 2, 2007,
Keith N. Hylton,
"Reflections on Remedies and Philip Morris v. Williams"

BU Law Working Paper 07-05, March 26, 2007,
Katharine B. Silbaugh,
"Money as Emotion in the Distribution of Wealth at Divorce"

BU Law Working Paper 07-04, February 27, 2007,
Robert D. Sloane,
"The Policies of State Succession: Harmonizing Self-Determination and Global Order in the Twenty-First Century"

BU Law Working Paper 07-03, February 5, 2007,
Tamar Frankel,
"Court of Law and Court of Public Opinion: Symbiotic Regulation of the Corporate Management Duty of Care"

BU Law Working Paper 07-02, January 29, 2007,
Keith N. Hylton,
"Biomedical Ethics and the Law: A Critical Perspective"

BU Law Working Paper 07-01, January 9, 2007,
Katharine B. Silbaugh,
"The Practice of Marriage"

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