BU Law Working Paper 06-50, Posted April 30, 2012
Ward Farnsworth,
"The Ideological Stakes of Eliminating Life Tenure"

BU Law Working Paper 06-49, posted September 14, 2011
Susan Musarrat Akram and S. Michael Lynk,
"The Wall and the Law: A Tale of Two Judgements"

BU Law Working Paper 06-48, posted January 12, 2010,
Susan P. Koniac, George M. Cohen, David A. Dana, Thomas Ross,
"Have US Regulators Been Soft on Banks Over Structured Products? Yes"

BU Law Working Paper 06-47, December 8, 2006,
Keith N. Hylton & Fei Deng,
"Antitrust Around the World: An Empirical Analysis of the Scope of Competition Laws and Their Effects"

BU Law Working Paper 06-46, December 5, 2006,
James Bessen,
"The Value of U.S. Patents by Owner and Patent Characteristics"

BU Law Working Paper 06-45, November 27, 2006,
Richard Thompson Ainsworth,
"Biometrics, Certified Software Solutions, and the Japanese Consumption Tax: A Proposal for the Tax Commission"

BU Law Working Paper 06-44, November 9, 2006,
Robert D. Sloane,
"The Changing Face of Recognition in International Law: A Case Study of Tibet"

BU Law Working Paper 06-43, November 8, 2006,
W. Michael Reisman & Robert D. Sloane,
"Indirect Expropriation and Its Valuation in the BIT Generation"

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BU Law Working Paper 06-42, November 8, 2006,
Robert D. Sloane,
"Outrelativizing Relativism: A Liberal Defense of the Universality of International Human Rights"

BU Law Working Paper 06-41, October 31, 2006,
Keith N. Hylton,
"Torts and Choice of Law: Searching for Principles"

BU Law Working Paper 06-40, October 27, 2006,
Allan H. Macurdy,
"Rights Respiration: Disability, Isolation and a Constitutional Right of Interaction"

BU Law Working Paper 06-39, October 4, 2006,
Tamar Frankel & Lawrence A. Cunningham,
"The Mysterious Ways of Mutual Funds: Market Timing".

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BU Law Working Paper 06-38, September 29, 2006,
Gerry Leonard,
"Holmes on the Lochner Court"

BU Law Working Paper 06-37, September 28, 2006,
Gerry Leonard,
"Iredell Reclaimed: Farewell to Snowiss's History of Judicial Review"

BU Law Working Paper 06-36, September 26, 2006,
Frances H. Miller,
"Consolidating Pharmaceutical Regulation Down Under: Policy Options and Practical Realities"

BU Law Working Paper 06-35, September 25, 2006,
Keith N. Hylton,
"A Positive Theory of Strict Liability"

BU Law Working Paper 06-34, September 19, 2006,
Tamar Frankel,
"The Scope and Jurisprudence of the Investment Management Regulation"

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BU Law Working Paper 06-33, September 18, 2006,
Tamar Frankel,
"What Default Rules Teach Us About Corporations: What Understanding Corporations Teaches Us About Default Rules"

BU Law Working Paper 06-32, September 18, 2006,
Tamar Frankel,
"Economics as the Law"

BU Law Working Paper 06-31, September 12, 2006,
David I. Walker,
"Some Observations on the Stock Options Backdating Scandal of 2006"

BU Law Working Paper 06-30, September 12, 2006,
Richard Thompson Ainsworth,
"Taxing Services under the EU VAT and Japanese Consumption Tax: A Comparative Assessment of New EU Place of Taxation Rules for Services and Intangibles"

BU Law Working Paper 06-29, September 11, 2006,
Robert G. Bone,
"Who Decides?: A Critical Look at Procedural Discretion"

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BU Law Working Paper 06-28, September 6, 2006,
Richard Thompson Ainsworth,
"A Comparative Assessment of EU, UK, French, US, Australian and Japanese Responses to Auditor Independence: The Case of Non-Audit Tax Services"

BU Law Working Paper 06-27, September 6, 2006,
Richard Thompson Ainsworth,
"The One-Stop-Shop in VAT and RST: Common Approaches to EU-US Consumption Tax Problems"

BU Law Working Paper 06-26, September 5, 2006,
Richard Thompson Ainsworth,
"Digital Consumption Tax (D-CT)"

BU Law Working Paper 06-25, August 24, 2006,
Jack Beermann and Gary Lawson,
"Reprocessing Vermont Yankee"

BU Law Working Paper 06-24, August 24, 2006,
Ward Farnsworth,
"The Role of Law in Close Cases: Some Evidence from the Federal Courts of Appeals"

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BU Law Working Paper 06-23, August 10, 2006,
Richard Thompson Ainsworth,
"Carousel Fraud in the EU: A Digital VAT Solution"

BU Law Working Paper 06-22, August 9, 2006,
Richard Thompson Ainsworth,
"The Digital VAT (D-VAT)"

BU Law Working Paper 06-21, August 8, 2006,
Richard Thompson Ainsworth,
"Digital VAT and Development: D-VAT and D-Velopment"

BU Law Working Paper 06-20, August 7, 2006,
Richard Thompson Ainsworth,
"Biometrics: Solving the Regressivity of VATs and RSTs with 'Smart Card' Technology"

BU Law Working Paper 06-19, July 31, 2006,
Keith N. Hylton,
"Property Rules, Liability Rules, and Immunity: An Application to Cyberspace"

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BU Law Working Paper 06-18, July 26, 2006,
Kenneth W. Simons,
"A Restatement Third of Intentional Torts?"

BU Law Working Paper 06-17, July 14, 2006,
Robert D. Sloane,
"The Expressive Capacity of International Punishment"

BU Law Working Paper 06-16, July 14, 2006,
Robert D. Sloane,
"Sentencing for the 'Crime of Crimes': Appraising the Penal Jurisprudence of the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda"

BU Law Working Paper 06-15, June 28, 2006,
Tracey Maclin,
"Is Obtaining an Arrestee's DNA a Valid Special Needs Search Under the Fourth Amendment? What Should (and Will) the Supreme Court Do?

BU Law Working Paper 06-14, June 28, 2006,
James Bessen,
"Estimates of Firms' Patent Rents from Firm Market Value"

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BU Law Working Paper 06-13, June 27, 2006,
James Bessen,
"A Comment on 'Do Patents Facilitate financing in the Software Industry?'"

BU Law Working Paper 06-12, June 26, 2006,
Tracey Maclin,
"A Criminal Procedure Regime Based on Instrumental Values"

BU Law Working Paper 06-11, May 16, 2006,
Keith N. Hylton,
"Section 2 and Article 82: A Comparison of American and European Approaches to Monopolization Law"

BU Law Working Paper 06-10, May 9, 2006,
Kenneth Simons,
"The Conceptual Structure of Consent in Criminal Law"

BU Law Working Paper 06-09, May 2, 2006,
Daniella Caruso,
"Private Law and State-Making in the Age of Globalization"

BU Law Working Paper 06-08, May 1, 2006,
Tamar Frankel,
"Using Sarbanes-Oxley Act to Reward Honest Corporations"

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BU Law Working Paper 06-07, April 18, 2006,
Keith N. Hylton,
"Development Lending and the Community Reinvestment Act"

BU Law Working Paper 06-06, April 14, 2006,
Keith N. Hylton,
"When Should a Case Be Dismissed? The Economics of Pleading and Summary Judgment Standards"

BU Law Working Paper 06-05, March 29, 2006,
David I. Walker,
"Financial Accounting and Corporate Behavior"

BU Law Working Paper 06-04, February 27, 2006,
Keith N. Hylton,
"Duty in Tort Law: An Economic Approach"

BU Law Working Paper 06-03, March, 2006,
James Bessen and Michael J. Meurer,
"Patent Litigation with Endogenous Disputes"

BU Law Working Paper 06-02, January 31, 2006,
Randy E. Barnet,
"Who's Afraid of Unenumerated Rights?"

BU Law Working Paper 06-01, January 31, 2006,
Randy E. Barnett,
"Scalia's Infidelity: A Critique of 'Faint-Hearted' Originalism"

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