BU Law Paper 04-21 (a 2004 Paper posted July 1, 2014)
Susan Akram & Terry Rempel,
"Temporary Protection as an Instrument for Implementing the Right of Return for Palestinian Refugees"

BU Law Working Paper 04-20, (a 2004 paper posted January 12, 2010)
Susan P. Koniak, George M. Cohen, Roger C. Cramton,
"Legal and Ethical Duties of Lawyers after Sarbanes-Oxley"

BU Law Working Paper 04-19, (a 2004 paper posted August 23, 2007)
Robert D. Sloane,
"Measures Necessary to Ensure: The ICJ's Provisional Measures Order in Avena and Other Mexican Nationals"

BU Law Working Paper 04-18, December 23, 2004
Ward Farnsworth,
"The Regulation of Turnover on the Supreme Court"

BU Law Working Paper 04-17, December 17, 2004
Robert Plotkin,
"Fighting Keywords: Translating the First Amendment to Protect Software Speech"

BU Law Working Paper 04-16, December 17, 2004
Robert Plotkin,
"Computer Programming and the Automation of Invention: A Case for Software Patent Reform"

BU Law Working Paper 04-15, December 15, 2004
Robert G. Bone,
"Agreeing to Fair Process: The Problem with Contractarian Theories of Procedural Fairness"

BU Law Working Paper 04-14, December 15, 2004
Wendy K. Mariner,
"Can Consumer-Choice Plans Satisfy Patients? Problems with Theory and Practice in Health Insurance Contracts"

BU Law Working Paper 04-13, December 15, 2004
Wendy K. Mariner,
"The Supreme Court's Limitation of Managed-Care Liability"

BU Law Working Paper 04-12, December 13, 2004
Daniela Caruso,
"Private Law and Public Stakes in European Integration: The Case for Property"

BU Law Working Paper 04-11, December 13, 2004
James E. Bessen,
"Holdup and Licensing of Cumulative Innovations with Private Information"

BU Law Working Paper 04-10, December 13, 2004,
Alan Feld,
"Dividends Reconsidered"

BU Law Working Paper 04-09, September 22, 2004
Keith N. Hylton,
"Arbitration: Governance Benefits and Enforcement Costs"

BU Law Working Paper 04-08, August 9, 2004
Randy E. Barnett,
"The Moral Foundations of Modern Libertarianism"

BU Law Working Paper 04-07, July 22, 2004
Gary Lawson,
"Burning Down the House (and Senate): A Presentment Requirement for Legislative Subpoenas Under the Orders, Resolutions, and Votes Clause"

BU Law Working Paper 04-06, July 21, 2004
Robert G. Bone,
"Enforcement Costs and Trademark Puzzles"

BU Law Working Paper 04-05, June 14, 2004
David I. Walker,
"Market Symmetry and the Tax Efficiency of Equity Compensation"

BU Law Working Paper 04-04, May 17, 2004
Keith N. Hylton,
Calabresi and the Intellectual History of Law and Economics

BU Law Working Paper 04-03, April 20, 2004
Michael J. Meurer and Craig Allen Nard,
Invention, Refinement and Patent Claim Scope: A New Perspective on the Doctrine of Equivalents

BU Law Working Paper 04-02, March 22, 2004
Stanley Z. Fisher and Ian K. McKenzie,
"A Miscarriage of Justice in Massachusetts: Eyewitness Identification Procedures, Unrecorded Admissions, and a Comparison with English Law"

BU Law Working Paper 04-01, January 21, 2004
David I. Walker,
"Is Equity Compensation Tax Advantaged?"

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