BU Law Working Paper 99-16, December 22, 1999
Stanley Z. Fisher,
The Prosecutor's Ethical Duty to Seek Exculpatory Evidence in Police Hands: Lessons from England

BU Law Working Paper 99-15, November 9, 1999
Keith N. Hylton,
Banks and Inner Cities: Market and Regulatory Obstacles to Development Lending

BU Law Working Paper 99-14, October 22, 1999
Randy E. Barnett,
An Originalism for Nonoriginalists

BU Law Working Paper 99-13, October 22, 1999
Keith N. Hylton,
Welfare Implications of Costly Litigation Under Strict Liability

BU Law Working Paper 99-12, October 13, 1999
Tamar Frankel,
Trusting and Non-Trusting: Comparing Benefits, Cost and Risk

BU Law Working Paper 99-10, October 7, 1999
Michael Meurer,
Fair Division

BU Law Working Paper 99-9, September 30, 1999
David B. Lyons,
Open Texture and the Possibility of Legal Interpretation

BU Law Working Paper 99-8, September 30, 1999
David B. Lyons,
Original Intent and Legal Interpretation

BU Law Working Paper 99-7, September 30, 1999
David B. Lyons,
The Moral Opacity of Utilitarianism

BU Law Working Paper 99-6, September 30, 1999
Nancy J. Moore,
The Case Against Changing the Aggregate Settlement Rule in Mass Tort Lawsuits

BU Law Working Paper 99-5, September 29, 1999
Patrick Bolton, Joseph F. Brodley, and Michael H. Riordan,
Predatory Pricing: Strategic Theory and Legal Policy

BU Law Working Paper 99-4, September 29, 1999
Ronald A. Cass & John R. Haring,
Domestic Regulation and International Trade: Where's the Race?--Lessons from Telecommunications and Export Controls

BU Law Working Paper 99-3, September 10, 1999
Keith N. Hylton,
Agreements To Waive Or To Arbitrate Legal Claims: An Economic Analysis

BU Law Working Paper 99-2, September 1, 1999
Kenneth W. Simons,
The Logic of Egalitarian Norms

BU Law Working Paper 99-1, August 31, 1999
Ronald A. Cass & Keith N. Hylton,
Preserving Competition: Economic Analysis, Legal Standards and Microsoft

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