Law and Economics Seminar

The Seminar in Law, Economics and Business invites prominent law professors and practitioners from around the country to apply economic analysis to a variety of legal issues. Participants have included professors from leading colleges and the president of the American Law & Economics Association. Topics of discussion have included corporate law and white-collar crime, securities regulation, intellectual property and morality and the law.

2014 Schedule

February 4
Randy Ellis, Boston University, Department of Economics
"Comparisons of Health Insurance Systems in Developed Countries"

February 11
Yair Listokin, Yale Law School
"The Shareholder Republic"

February 18
Kathy Spier, Harvard Law School
"Trial and Settlement: A Study of High-Low Agreements"

February 25
Steven Block, Tufts University, The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy
"Political Incentives, Policy Choices, and Productivity Growth in Sub-Saharan Africa"

March 4
Kristen Madison, Northeastern University, School of Law
"Building a Better Laboratory: The Federal Role in Promoting Health System Experimentation"

March 18
Richard Adelstein, Wesleyan University, Department of Economics
"Firms as Persons"

March 25
Doron Teichman, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Faculty of Law (Visiting at Columbia Law School)
"Anchoring Legal Standards"

April 1
Omri Ben-Shahar, University of Chicago Law School
"The Uneasy Case for Equal Access Law"

April 8
Mark Wu, Harvard Law School

April 15
Claudia Landeo, University of Alberta, Department of Economics
"Shotguns and Deadlocks"