Boston University School of Law

Ilana Hurwitz

Present Positions

1997- present

Boston University School of Law, Boston, Massachusetts

Visiting Professor (Fall 2000 - 2006); Adjunct Professor (1997-1999)
Course: Trusts and Estates.

1997 - present

Boston College Law School, Newton, Massachusetts
Coordinator for six sections of ILPR (Spring 2006)
Courses: Trusts and Estates Survey (Spring 1997; Fall 2001; Spring 2005; Spring 2007);
Introduction to Lawyering and Professional Responsibility (Spring 1998 - present) Visiting Professor (Spring 2005; Spring 2007); Adjunct Professor (Spring 1997-Spring 2004; Spring 2006);

Publications and Other Legal Writings

I. Hurwitz, Collaborative Reproduction: Finding the Child in the Maze of Legal
Motherhood, 33 Connecticut Law Review 127 (2000).

M. Carpenter and I. Hurwitz, Divorce Fundamentals: Law and Finances (1996).

B. Wand and I. Hurwitz, The 'Genius Factor' and Equitable Distribution of Property at Divorce, 38 Boston Bar Journal 10 (1994).

LL.M. Thesis: Detention without Trial and the Rights of Detainees in South Africa (1986).

Professional Experience


Hill & Barlow, Boston, Massachusetts


Associate. Worked in the Litigation Department focusing on Family Law and Probate Litigation. Representations included: spouses in a variety of premarital, divorce and post divorce matters; victims of domestic violence; family members and executors in disputes over wills and testamentary trusts; an institution for handicapped children in a cy pres application; political asylum seekers. Have also assisted in drafting a proposal for ratification of the U.N. Convention Against Torture.


United States District Court, Boston, Massachusetts

1988 Law Clerk for the Honorable Rya W. Zobel.

Legal Resources Centre, Johannesburg, South Africa
Fellow. Handled black housing matters, labor, consumer and resettlement cases
at the then only independent public interest law facility. Supervised legal advice offices in black communities throughout the Transvaal Province. Case load of approximately 80-100 cases.



Harward Law School(1986) Cambridge, Massachusetts
Concentration on Human Rights in International Law.


Suffolk Law School (1988) Boston, Massachusetts
Prerequisite as a foreign law school graduate for the Mass. Bar Examination.
Cum laude


Univ. of The Witwatersrand (1984) Johannesburg, South Africa
Cum laude


Univ. of The Witwatersrand (1982) Johannesburg, South Africa
Majors in Legal Theory and Institutions, and Psychology.


University of South Africa (1983) Pretoria, South Africa
Licentiate in Speech and Drama Teaching.

Adr Training

Divorce mediation training from Divorce Mediation Training Associates
Mediation Workshop, Harvard Law School, Program of Instruction for Lawyers


American Fulbright Scholarship (1986).

Fellowship, Legal Resources Centre, Johannesburg (1984).

American Jurisprudence Award, Advanced Torts
American Jurisprudence Award, Professional Responsibility
Claude Franks Memorial Prize for Jurisprudence
Award for Legal Theory and Institutions I
Award for Legal Theory and Institutions III
Award for Aspects of Public Law

Other Teaching Experience


Clark University, Worcester, Massachusetts


Adjunct Professor. Taught summer and fall courses on Negotiation, Mediation and Conflict Management to graduate students in the Master of Science in Professional Communications degree program.
Chairperson, Advisory Board of the post graduate program in Conflict Management (1997-1998).


Divorce Fundamentals, Boston, Massachusetts
Instructor. Co-authored 250 page manual and taught course on divorce law and
finances to divorce mediation trainees.


Univ. of The Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa
Tutor to first year Legal Theory students covering Contracts, Torts and Legal Institutions.

Additional Information

Current research: posthumous conception and the impact of Woodward v. Commissioner of
Social Security, 435 Mass. 536 (Mass. 2002) (holding that children conceived after a parent's
death are entitled to inheritance rights under the Massachusetts law of interstate succession).

Divorce Mediator on Middlesex Multi-door Courthouse panel.

Guest speaker at Harvard Law School and Boston College Law School on detention without trial laws in South Africa.

Director, Political Asylum/Immigration Representation Project (1993-2005).

Advisory Board Member; Commissioner, Newton Human Rights Commission 1993-1997.

Chair, Schools/Education Subcommittee and Newton Explores Diversity initiative 1996-1997.