Boston University School of Law

Stephen Marks

Professor of Law
B.A. magna cum laude, University of California, Irvine
J.D., Ph.D. in Economics, University of California, Berkeley

Phone: 617.358.3213


Interests: law and economics; corporate law; managerial economics

Stephen Marks has been a distinguished member of the Boston University community for many years. He began his teaching career in 1981 at the University’s School of Management, where he taught courses in banking, finance, investments, corporations, economics and decision making. Since joining the School of Law faculty in 1988, Professor Marks has taught courses in corporations, securities regulation and law and economics. “I enjoy these subjects because they are so relevant for students,” he says. “In every practice area, lawyers come face-to-face with corporations, for example. And economics provides students with a powerful and rigorous tool for analyzing law and legal institutions.”

Co-author of the textbook Managerial Economics (fourth edition), published in 2002, Professor Marks’ work has appeared widely in journals of law and economics. In collaboration with his School of Law colleague Alan Feld, he wrote the 1997 article “Legal Differences Without Economic Distinctions: Points, Penalties, and the Market for Mortgages,” for the Boston University Law Review. In 1996, he co-authored “Teaching Macroeconomics by the Case Method” for the Journal of Economic Education. He also authored the chapter “The Separation of Ownership and Control” for the 1998 Encyclopedia of Law and Economics.

Professor Marks’ home life is perhaps equally as distinguished. He and his wife are home schooling their children and, as students of Spanish themselves, raising them to be bilingual. Professor Marks is active in the peace and justice movement, and also dabbles in guitar, saxophone and violin.

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