Boston University School of Law

Andrew Kull

Austin B. Fletcher Professor of Law
Professor of Law

B.A., University of California-Berkeley
B.A. and M.A., Oxford University
J.D., University of Chicago

Phone: 617.353.4702


Interests: contracts; restitution; commercial law property; constitutional law

Andrew Kull is the nation’s leading expert in the area of Restitution. Since 1997 he has been the reporter for the Third Restatement of Restitution and Unjust Enrichment (The American Law Institute) and, since 1994, has been the U.S. Regional Editor of the Restitution Law Review. He is also a well-known Constitutional historian. His book, The Color-Blind Constitution, published in 1992, won the Silver Gavel Award. In addition, Professor Kull has written numerous articles and reviews. Prior to joining the Boston University School of Law faculty, Professor Kull was the Robert T. Thompson Professor of Law at Emory University.

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