BU Law Faculty Workshops are generally held on a weekly basis during the academic year (Fall through Spring semesters). Faculty members from BU Law and from other universities are invited to present scholarly work-in-progress (usually accompanied by a pre-distributed draft of a paper) in a colloquial setting. These workshops, typically very well-attended, start with a light lunch and proceed to a full hour of presentation and discussion of the specific paper. The tradition at these workshops allocates twenty minutes to the presenter and forty minutes to questions, comments, and suggestions by various faculty members. Once a year, an outstanding scholar of national reputation is invited to give a public lecture at BU Law. The lecture is open to faculty, students, and the University community. The lecture presented by the distinguished speaker is thereafter published in the Boston University Law Review.

Unless otherwise noted, Faculty Workshops will be held in the Faculty Lounge on the 15th floor of the law tower.

Fall 2016 Schedule

Sept. 8: Hillary A. Sale, Washington University School of Law, “We Believe: Omnicare, Legal Risk Disclosure and Corporate Governance” (with Donald C. Langevoort, Georgetown University Law Center)

Sept. 15:  David Walker, “Reconsidering Realization-Based Accounting for Equity Compensation”

Sept. 22: Gary Lawson, “By Any Other Name: Rational Basis Inquiry and the Federal Government’s Fiduciary Duty of Care” (with Guy Seidman, IDC Herzliya)

Sept. 29: Rebecca Ingber

Oct. 6: Stephen Burbank, University of Pennsylvania Law School, and Sean Farhang, University of California Berkeley, Goldman School of Public Policy

Oct. 13: Assaf Hamdani, Hebrew University of Jerusalem Faculty of Law

Oct. 27: Paul Gugliuzza

Nov. 3: Jack Beermann

Nov. 7: Kenneth Bamberger, University of California Berkeley School of Law

Dec. 1: Kathy Zeiler

Dec. 8: Gerry Leonard


Spring 2016 Schedule

Jan. 14: Michael Harper, “Confusion in the Court: Distinguishing Disparate Treatment from Disparate Impact in Young v. UPS and EEOC v. Abercrombie & Fitch, Inc.”

Jan. 21: Michael Meurer, “Bargaining Failure and Failure to Bargin”

Jan. 28: Wendy Gordon, “How Oracle Erred: “Use” and the Future of Computer Copyright”

Feb. 4: Jay Wexler, “Our Christian Nation: How Wiccans, Atheists, Satanists, and Other Non-Christians are Demanding Their Rightful Place in American Public Life”

Feb. 11: Robert Sloane, “Sophistication of a Primitive Legal System: Analytic Jurisprudence’s Curios Neglect of International Law”

Feb. 18: Gary Lawson, “A Great Power of Attorney: Understanding the Fiduciary Constitution” (co-authored with Guy Seidman)

Feb. 25: Tamar Frankel, “Designing Effective Institutional Self-Regulation (Compliance with the Law): Top-Down and Bottom-Up Structures”

March 3: Ed Rock, University of Pennsylvania School of Law

March 24: BU Distinguished Interdisciplinary Visitor Bruce Schulman (History Department)

March 31: Kris Collins, “Of Blood and Nation: A  History of Hereditary Citizenship in American Law”

April 7: Anna di Robilant, “The Building Blocks of European Property Law: The Roman Conceptual Vocabulary of Property”

April 14: Martha Ertman, University of Maryland