The Gender, Law and Policy Colloquium examines cutting-edge issues about gender, law, and policy through a series of presentations in which prominent scholars actively engaged in new and important research on such issues present scholarly works-in-progress for discussion with the instructor, students enrolled in the Colloquium, and interested faculty. The colloquium meets in Room 417 from 4:20 to 6:20 p.m. Please contact Professor Linda McClain at if you would like a copy of any of the draft papers.

Fall 2015 Speakers & Paper Titles

Sept. 14
Erin Reid, Peter Paul Development Professor and Assistant Professor of Organizational Behavior, Questrom School of Business
“Embracing, Passing, Revealing, and the Ideal Worker Image: How People Navigate Expected and Experienced Professional Identities”
“Breadwinning, Sharing or Supporting? How Married Men Interpret Wives’ Work Arrangements and Craft Spousal Professional Identities”

Sept. 28
Kimberly M. Mutcherson, Professor, Rutgers School of Law
“Reproductive Justice and Assisted Reproduction”

Oct. 13
Kara Swanson, Associate Professor, Northeastern Unviersity School of Law
“IP and Gender: Reflections on Methodology and Accomplishments”

Oct. 26
Douglas NeJaime, Professor, UCLA Law
“Marriage Equality and the New Parenthood”

Nov. 2
Holning Lau, Professor, University of North Carolina School of Law
“Shaping Expectations for Paternal Caregiving: the Role of Law and Public Policy”

Nov. 16
Solangel Maldonado, Professor, Seton Hall University School of Law
“Racial Hierarchy and Desire: The Effects of the Law’s Influence on Interracial Intimacies”

Nov. 30
Cary Franklin, Assistant Professor, University of Texas School of Law
“What Does Viewing Griswold v. Connecticut as a Poverty Case Tell Us about Reproductive Rights?”