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breaking barriers Breaking Barriers

A new book displays BU Law's integral role in the history of women lawyers and judges in Massachusetts

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bu law clinic Top-of-the-Line Programming

The National Law Journal recognizes BU Law's Clinical and LL.M. Programs

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andrew c. hall Taking on State Sponsors of Terrorism

Andrew C. Hall details his experience pioneering a new frontier in tort litigation with the inaugural Kleh Lecture

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affordable housing clinic Building a Career in Community Development

New Affordable Housing Externship helps students gain real-world skills and experience

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faculty bu law Participate in our Facebook Poll

We want to know: How would you describe the BU Law faculty in one word?

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Faculty News Highlights

judge william young Federal Court Comes to Campus

Students witness live litigation as Judge Young brings a motion session to the tower

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lillian faulhaber Professor Voices

Lilian Faulhaber sits down for a Q&A on the increase of payroll taxes

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linda mcclain What is Parenthood? hosts an online symposium engaging the themes in Linda McClain's new book

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bessen and meurer Patent Trolls in Public

Michael Meurer and James Bessen author a post for the PatentlyO blog

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alumni Updates

brian mullins Here's the Deal

Brian Mullins ('09), head of risk management at daily deals pioneer Groupon, offers his advice to current BU Law students

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bonnie youn

Champion for Change

Bonnie Youn ('94) recently honored by the White House as a Cesar Chavez Champion for Change

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Student newsmakers

moot court bu law More from the Moot Court Teams

The Appellate Advocacy, American Association for Justice, Oxford IP and more competition updates

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julia hall Hanna S. Cohn Equal Justice Fellowship

Julia Hall's ('13) fellowship will fund her work in civil rights litigation for the LGBTQ community

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A special thanks to our 2013 Ambulance Chase 5K/Fun Run participants and volunteers!

bu law 5k



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Upcoming Event Highlights

  • 4 APRBoston Alumni and Admitted Students Reception: Networking event with fellow alumni and newly admitted students - Event Info

  • 5 APRPreview Day for Admitted J.D. Students: Admitted students are invited to visit the tower - Event Info

  • 8 apRYear-End Pro Bono Celebration: Honoring Ed Aro ('89), Professor Rob Sloane, and graduating students who have completed their pro bono pledge - Event Info

  • 10 APRWashington DC Alumni Public Service Reception: Honoring William S. Cohen ('65), former senator from Maine and U.S. Secretary of Defense - Event Info

  • 18 APR"The Fiduciary Foundations of Federal Equal Protection:" Professor Gary S. Lawson to deliver the annual Beck Lecture - Event Info

  • 19 APRSumner M. Redstone Building Groundbreaking Ceremony: Celebration of the construction of the 93,000-square-foot, five-story facility that will house most of the law school's classrooms - Event Info

  • Full calendar listing

Faculty Engagements

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