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verrilli verrilli commencement speaker bu law 2013 Commencement Speaker Announced

U.S. Solicitor General, The Honorable Donald B. Verrilli, Jr., will deliver this year's commencement address

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bu law women history March is Women's History Month

BU Law celebrates its history-making alumnae in honor of Women's History Month

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station nightclub fire babcock barylick Hell, 10 Years Later

John Barylick ('77) and Charles Babcock ('76) approach the Station nightclub fire from different sides

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rachel smit skadden fellow Rachel Smit ('13) Named Skadden Fellow

Prestigious fellowship will fund her work at Greater Boston Legal Services

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social media bu law Social Media Round-Up

Take a look at how BU Law uses social media to share the latest news and events, video features, slideshows, and more

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bu law viewfinder Should Same-Sex Marriage Be Legalized?

With the Supreme Court set to hear two different cases this spring, Viewfinder asks students their opinions on the issue

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Faculty News Highlights

fleming and mcclain Ordered Liberty: Rights, Responsibilities, and Virtues

Balkinization hosts an online symposium celebrating Jim Fleming and Linda McClain's new book

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tracey maclin Do You Know Your Rights?

Tracey Maclin discusses The Supreme Court and the Fourth Amendment's Exclusionary Rule

Listen, WBZ NightSide


robert sloane Professor Voices

Rob Sloane authors, "Department of Justice defends killing American terrorists," Professor Voices blog

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Student newsmakers

bu law moot court Moot Court Update

Students excel at Jessup International Law, Native American Law Students Association and more moot court competitions

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michael wang Leading the National Chapter

Michael Wang ('14) elected president of the National Asian Pacific American Law Students Association

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alex garens Award-Winning Writing

Alex Garens ('12) takes home second place in Boston Patent Law Association Writing Competition

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brandon greene Promoting the Student Voice

Brandon Greene ('13) launches new project to feature student journalism

Full story, Education Week



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Recent & Upcoming Event Highlights

  • 4 MARWhat is Parenthood? Contemporary Debates about the Family: Celebration of the publication of Linda McClain's new book - Event Info

  • 23 MARBU Law 5K: Annual Ambulance Chase fun run/walk sponsored by SGA, Student Affairs and PIP - Event Info

  • 25 MAR"The Next Season: Realigning International Law and Western Policy After the Arab Spring" (RESCHEDULED): Conference hosted by the Boston University International Law Journal - Event Info

  • 18 APR"The Fiduciary Foundations of Federal Equal Protection:" Professor Gary S. Lawson to deliver the annual Beck Lecture - Event Info

  • 19 APRSumner M. Redstone Building Groundbreaking Ceremony: Celebration of the construction of the 93,000-square-foot, five-story facility that will house most of the law school's classrooms - Event Info

  • Full calendar listing

Faculty Engagements

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