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A Letter to Alumni from the Dean

Dear BU Law Alumni,

maureen o'rourkeAs we begin the new year, I want to thank you for all your efforts to help our talented graduates find their first legal positions, and ask that you continue to assist members of the Class of 2012 who are still seeking employment in this challenging market. While we report employment data for all graduates as of February 15 to the American Bar Association for accreditation purposes, we encourage you to hire BU Law graduates whenever a professional opportunity becomes available.

During the past year, we have initiated many efforts to include you in assisting our new graduates in securing their first legal positions. We thank you for your responses and championing of this important issue. Yet, there remains more to do. If you know of any job positions or if you are able to hire a recent graduate, please contact Maura Kelly, assistant dean for career development and public service, at or send a job posting to

Thank you and we will soon be reaching out to you about the Class of 2013. We have started a mentoring program for recent graduates and 3Ls to complement our 1L mentoring program. If you are willing to participate, again, please contact Maura Kelly at


maureen o rourke

Maureen A. O’Rourke


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supreme court justice stephen breyer bu law supreme court justice stephen breyer addresses bu law Justice Breyer Delivers the First Esdaile Lecture

Stephen Breyer addressed a packed auditorium of students, faculty and special guests at the law school January 24

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boston univeristy school of law ranks top 25 BU Law Ranked #23

A recent survey ranks BU Law among the nation's best law schools

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bu law human trafficking clinic Taking on Modern-Day Slavery

Learn how students in BU Law's Human Trafficking Clinic are changing the legal landscape

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ali delforoush ali delforoush bu law llm iran Student Unveils Life in Iran

Ali Delforoush's (LL.M. '13) new book portrays struggles of people "a lot like us"

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bu law the record alumni magazine The Record

The Redstone gift; alumni with careers at Google, Pandora and Fox Entertainment Group; annual giving report and more

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Faculty & Alumni Spotlights

bu law international law newsletter bu law international law newsletter International Law Newsletter

An interview with Prof. Rusty Park, clinic students' impact at the Inter-American Court of Human Rights in Costa Rica, and more

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susan akram bu law The Guayubin Massacre

Susan Akram and her Asylum & Human Rights Clinic students author an amicus brief seeking justice for Haitians

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lillian moy A Trailblazer for Diversity

Lillian Moy ('81) receives the Diversity Trailblazer Award given by the New York State Bar Association

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Community News

boston university school of law blsa BLSA Named Chapter of the Year

BU Law's BLSA chapter was awarded Chapter of the Year (Northeast, Medium) at this year's regional conference

Full story


ajlm symposium Examining Tobacco Legislation

AJLM's annual conference brings leading scholars to campus to discuss the future of global tobacco control

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sarah simkin From the Blogosphere

J.D. student blogger Sarah Simkin moves one step closer to her "legal geek" goal at Justice Breyer's lecture

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Upcoming Event Highlights

  • 4 FEBThe Supreme Court and the Fourth Amendment's Exclusionary Rule: Celebration of the publication of Tracey Maclin's book - Event Info

  • 5 FEBConstructing the Redstone Building: How will it impact me? Reception with Skanska, Compass, Bruner-Cott, and students, faculty and staff of the law school - Event Info

  • 7 FEB

    An Evening with Brown Rudnick: The firm's Middle East/North Africa Disputes team will be on hand to discuss post-Arab Spring issues and how arbitration is being used to address them - Event Info

  • 8 FEBThe Next Season: Realigning International Law and Western Policy After the Arab Spring: A conference hosted by the Boston University International Law Journal - Event Info

  • 11 FEBOrdered Liberty: Rights, Responsibilities, and VIrtues: Celebration of the publication of Prof. Jim Fleming and Linda McClain's book - Event Info

  • 27 FEBTaking on State Sponsors of Terrorism: Inaugural Kleh Lecture featuring Andrew C. Hall - Event Info

  • Full calendar listing

Faculty Engagements

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