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mark nikas bu law students win health care writing competition BU Law Students on Top

Thomson and Nickas (both '12) take first and second prize in national health law writing competition

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election 2012 bu law bu law election 2012 Election 2012

BU Law gets involved as Americans hit the polls

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8 the play bu law poster bu law 8 the play 8 the Play

Brian Balduzzi ('13) brings Perry v. Schwarzenegger-based play to BU Law

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bu law students Moot Court Round-Up

BU Law students continue to excel in school and regional moot court competitions

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sumner redstone sumner redstone building Sumner M. Redstone Naming Ceremony

On Septemer 13, 2012, President Brown announced Sumner Redstone's milestone $18-million gift

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Faculty Highlights

keith hyltonEvent Recap: Laws of Creation

BU Law celebrates the publication of Keith Hylton's new book, co-authored with former BU Law Dean Ronald Cass

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khiara bridges The Balletic Legal Scholar

Working for a more just society, dancing for the joy of it

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virginia greiman Inside the LL.M. Classroom

Virginia Greiman describes how her International Development & Project Finance course prepares international lawyers for real-world practice

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bu faculty publications bu faculty publications Professors in Print

BU Law celebrates the publication of major faculty books with upcoming symposia

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Alumni Newsmakers

mia midjendek Seriously Pro Bono:

A new Law fellowship offers advice and hope to local clients through recipients like Mia Midenjak ('11)

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mika mayer Woman on Top

Mika Mayer ('02) named one of Marie Clarie's Women on Top 2012 Award-winners

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New Faces on Campus

jill collinsJill Collins has joined the Student Affairs Office as the new associate director for student affairs. Jill received her B.A. from Boston College and her J.D. from the University of Notre Dame Law School. At Notre Dame, she was vice president of the Public Interest Law Forum and assistant rector for Howard Hall residence hall—a role in which she counseled students on academic and personal matters; planned and coordinated social, academic and service programs; and participated in disciplinary decisions within the hall. She also was a teaching assistant in the University of Notre Dame Political Science Department, and was a student intern in the Family Advocacy Program. Since 2006, she was an associate in the Individual Clients Department at the Boston law firm of Day Pitney, LLP.

john cahillJohn Cahill has joined the Communications & Marketing Office as the new associate director of digital strategy. John comes to us from Harvard Business School, where he has served as the Web services manager for the Alumni Marketing & Communications Department since 2003. In this capacity, he managed the Web site technology and content maintenance for the HBS Bulletin and alumni Web site. He has also built Web sites for several commercial businesses. John earned a B.A. in English from St. Michaels College, an Internet Technologies Certificate from Northeastern University, and a Master of Liberal Arts degree in Information Technology from Harvard Extension School.

kelly sullivanKelly Sullivan has joined the Office of Student Affairs as senior program coordinator. She received her B.A. from Boston College and her Master of Higher Education Administration from Harvard Graduate School of Education. She worked as a recruiting assistant at Ropes and Gray, and interned as a career services coordinator at New England Law School. Kelly also interned with the Ed.L.D. and Student Admissions Ambassador Program at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.


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Upcoming Event Highlights

  • 3 DEc"It Is Legal, But Is It Ethical?:" The annual Shapiro Lecture featuring the Honorable Cruz Reynoso - Event Info

  • 5 DEcChicago Alumni Reception: Generously sponsored by Ross Weisman ('93) and Ken Morrison ('83) of Kirkland & Ellis, LLP. - Event Info

  • 11 DEcBoston Alumni Holiday Celebration: Hosted by the Boston Young Alumni Council - Event Info

  • 13 DECBoston Ediscovery Summit: BU Law is a sponsor of this stellar line-up of judges, practitioners, and experts in the field of ediscovery - Event Info

  • 24 janThe Innaugural Esdaile Lecture: Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer to speak - Event Info

  • 25 jaN

    "The Future of Global Tobacco Control:" Symposium sponsored by the American Journal of Law and Medicine - Event Info

  • 28 JAN

    The Ponzi Scheme Puzzle: Celebration of the publication of Prof. Tamar Frankel's book - Event Info

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  • Recent Faculty Engagements

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